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Coronavirus is the new nightmare of doctors

CPS increased the sanitary control of tourists from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Measures are due to a complication of the situation with a new coronavirus. Meanwhile, the first cases identified in France.

Total world 18 patients have died, more than half of the number of cases and almost all of them - men. Physicians account for only throw up your hands - the new virus is virtually not been studied.

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British Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in Sochi

Vladimir Putin discussed with the Prime Minister of Great Britain the situation in Syria. David Cameron arrives in Sochi on a working visit - first of all in order to negotiate precisely on this issue.

The head of the British government said earlier that there is an urgent need to initiate such a discussion to enhance the transfer of political power in the Middle Eastern country and put an end to this conflict. In Moscow and London have differences on the issue, so the expectations from the meeting in Sochi were very high. Vladimir Putin proposed to diversify the program of the visit.

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The first year of Putin's third presidential term ended

Russia takes stock of new stories. Experts agree that the president has remained true to himself.

365 days from the date of Putin as president on the one hand may seem for a period sufficient to understand what will be the future course of the country, on the other - too short. But it is already clear: put before it during the race problem, the president has already begun to tackle. So far, it appears alone - the government did not always understand what the president is seeking.

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Arrests in Boston

Students from Kazakhstan Diaz Kadyrbaev and Azamat Tazhayakov the court has admitted, that really threw the backpack Tsarnaeva Jr. - a fellow at the University of Massachusetts. Upon learning of the news that Johar wanted as a performer at Boston attack, the students decided to help him, as they put it, "to avoid problems."

And they brought to the landfill backpack with firecrackers, of which emptied the powder was - he went on to bomb making. Later, FBI agents found a bag. Lawyers Kazakh students insist that their clients did not want anything bad.

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Two criminal cases as a result of a direct line with Putin

Both of law on fraud and both against public utilities, payments overstated at times. One of the signals received from St. Petersburg, where local authorities have worked super-operative, Putin was still on the air, and in the offending company raided the searches. Though it turned out that the tenants complained the president is not on the kommunalshikov .. but these have come on business.

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Johar Tsarnaev admit responsibility

Suspect in the bombing of Boston Johar Tsarnaev admitted his guilt. After being wounded he can not speak, so that answers the questions of the investigators in writing.

The day before he had been formally charged. Tsarnaev participated in the meeting via teleconference court, directly from the hospital room. He said that he and his brother Tamerlan bombed in the marathon, and on April 19, killing a police officer. According to U.S. media, young people are attacked under the impression warfare waged in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As the experts - in Johar Tsarnaeva have a chance to avoid the death penalty - if he can prove that he participated in the attack forced it big brother. Then, shifting the blame to Tamerlane killed, 19-year-old Johar can expect a lighter sentence - as a teenager, which has undergone a bad influence adult. Under American law, Tsarnaev Jr. still a minor. This could allow his lawyers.

On the eve of the diplomats of the American diplomatic mission in Moscow went to Dagestan. They have already talked to the parents Tsarnaevyh. Details conversation were not disclosed.

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In Boston, suspected of organizing the attack is blocked

In a suburb of Boston in these moments is the operation to detain one of the suspects in the attack. This 19-year-old Johar Tsarnaev, who came to the U.S. from Dagestan. His older brother Tamerlan Tcarnaev, the FBI also has been implicated in the bombings at the finish of the marathon, was killed during the arrest.

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Dmitry Medvedev has reported to the Duma

Dmitry Medvedev today reported to the State Duma on government work for the year. Most of the questions, and it's clear now about the economy - salary, benefits ... Money is always short, but Russia, the prime minister said, still have much to be proud of, despite the global financial challenges.

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Putin defends children

Vladimir Putin introduced to the State Duma for ratification of the two international instruments that protect the rights of children.

First - this Convention, adopted by UN General Assembly. It concerns the sale of children and child pornography.

The second - the agreement of the Council of Europe, designed to protect minors from sexual exploitation. Both the Russian side of the document signed last fall.

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CIS citizens are denied entry into Russia without a passport

The Moscow authorities have thus proposed to bring order to the guest workers - has become too accessible capital for illegals. In the presence of entry documents - believed at City Hall - and the identity of the migrant, and keep track of the purpose of his visit to Moscow will become easier.

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