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Declaration of officials will be checked by controllers of President

Purses and accounts of officials in Novgorod region, as well as civil servants Uryupinsk, Severodvinsk, Moscow or village Birch will now be directly checked supervisors president.

Not all, of course, selectively. Officials have more than 1 million 300 thousand people. Starting this year, all of which are required to report not only on income but also on the costs, as well as on property abroad. Three months are given for the issue of securities. Experts believe that at this time there are many who voluntarily leave office.

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Health coupons

Furious parents line up at the door before dawn, and there is no guarantee that in the morning they will get the coveted voucher. Get an appointment with a specialist has become almost impossible. And so in all cities.

An alternative for parents who do not want to stand in queues for hours without warranty of any kind get a referral for their child to the right specialist can be an electronic queue. Here are just a service that sites Orel Tagil and children's hospitals was not available and treatment in private clinics could hit the pockets, especially those parents whose children need to see to several specialists.

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U.S. Department will continue to finance Russian NGOs

The law about non-profit organizations, the State Duma adopted in the summer of last year. According to the document, any NGO which is engaged in political activities and financed from abroad, should declare itself a foreign agent. For it will operate a special legal regime providing for rigorous reporting and verification.

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Holiday schedule for 2014

The following year, New Year's and the May holidays will be shorter - cut off from the holidays for 4 days. These data are released today the Ministry of Labour. Will compensate for a short vacation by extending the June and November holidays.

It turns out that in 2014 New Year's holidays will last a total of 8 days (from 1 to 8 January), in March, in honor of International Women's Day, the Russians will be able to rest for three days (from 8 to 10 March). In May, seven expected output (1 to May 4 and from 9 to 11 May). Thus, still between "first" and "second" May holidays have to work. But the Day of Russia in the next year will celebrate long as ever - four days (from 12 to 15 June). As much rest in November, the first to the fourth number - in honor of National Unity Day.

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Berezovsky's death

Evil genius or just a clever businessman with ties, but the shadow of Berezovsky looming over all large-scale events of the 90s. Or he would like us all to think about it this way?

In the nineties, Berezovsky was omnipresent and omnipotent. He cranked out multi-million dollar deal under the roof of Cherokee, tried to seize the Aeroflot acquired Sibneft for a song and supervised the aluminum giant "Rusal". Money flowed into the pockets of Doctor of Mathematical Sciences. Together with the same partner Badri Patarkatsishvili, they cranked transactions that were only possible in those dashing nineties. Then, in the wake of these scams will be 11 criminal cases, two of them convicted in absentia of Berezovsky.

Berezovsky became the first and the last Russian oligarch who converted their capital into political clout. Deputy Secretary of the Security Council, then Executive Secretary of the CIS - it was called the main "reshalschikom" of the Kremlin, which was well received in all rooms. But even without the position of Boris Abramovich had a special influence on Yeltsin. Besides Berezovsky owned a weapon of mass destruction - in his media empire were TV channels ORT and TV6, Kommersant and Nezavisimaya Gazeta. He himself willingly gave interviews about the fate of the motherland and the political situation in the country.

For Berezovsky stretched trail of scandals and blood. He was suspected of involvement in the murder of Vladislav Listyev, Anna Politkovskaya. About how Berezovsky actually organized trafficking in the Caucasus - openly spoke those passed the first Chechen. On camera, Boris Abramovich posed as the savior of Russian soldiers from captivity. At the same time openly supported the Chechen separatists and pay money personally to Shamil Basayev. Berezovsky mad career ended with insane 90-mi and the Yeltsin era, the new conditions it was not possible to conduct their business. Berezovsky was one of the first who fled to London and showed the way, as it turned out many traders from the 90's. But there he was trying to influence the situation in Russia, declared a crusade against Vladimir Putin personally, using the slightest reason to accuse the Russian authorities of all sins. The most high profile story was the death of the fugitive oligarch who worked for the former secret service agent Alexander Litvinenko. But the death of Litvinenko was advantageous first of all to Berezovsky.

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Putin will communicate live with the Russians this spring

It was learned that this spring Vladimir Putin in a televised broadcast will communicate directly with the Russians - on the press-service of the President, more precise time not yet determined.

Last year, this program is not carried out, but to give up on the format in the Kremlin, it is said, are not collected. The tradition was started in 2001 - then hosted the first "straight line" of Vladimir Putin. His previous communication with the citizens passed December 15, 2011. Then-Prime Minister Putin broke his own record - spoke to the residents of the regions four and a half hours, having to answer the 88 questions.

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Nizhny Novgorod hermit eviction

Unexpected continuation received today the story of the expulsion of the Nizhny Novgorod hermit. The house of Alexander Ermakov, we recall, the only villager Penyaksha tried to carry. According to an absurd reason: prevent, say, the migration of beavers.

So that rodents can not be found, and huge houses nearby is hard to miss. This is what, beavers lenient to the rich?

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The deputies took up huge amounts in receipts

The situation is out of control - the State Duma had to intervene. Passing the complaints of the citizens to be, - payments to obschedomovye needs in the regions were unreasonably high - in the parliament concluded that communal life steal. And management companies - writing off its losses to a new term in the bill, and tenants themselves - from each other.

MPs propose to the government until it is too late to correct the error. Setting a limit above which the amount of obschedomovye needs will not be raised. Because of flaws in the decision now tenants, in fact, have become hostages of municipal reform.

Today, tenants pay for everything. For debtors who live in the house, but not registered, but uses water and heat. For owners of shops and beauty salons, working in conventional homes, but do not want to answer the ruble for public benefit. This is possible if the room is not translated in uninhabited fund. In St. Petersburg, began checking addresses controversial.

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Farewell to Chavez

The ceremony was attended by delegations from fifty countries. Not hide tears at the tomb of his friend, the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, the leader of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Immediately after the funeral, Commander, Vice President, Nicolas Maduro took the oath as the acting head of state.

Nicolas Maduro, Acting Venezuelan president: "Please forgive my tears. But I can not hold them back, when I now Hugo Chavez. This presidency belongs to the Comandante. His belt will protect the legitimate president of the people, the revolution and continue to move forward to socialism".

Its status as successor to Chavez has yet to confirm the election. According to the constitution of Venezuela, they have to go for 30 days after the president's death.

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Scientists propose to equate caffeine to alcohol

At the University of Reykjavik found that caffeine did more harm than good. Given that the matter relates to alkaloids - the application is not sensational. However, the researchers are so scared consumption levels that regulate the sale offer caffeinated products - similar to alcohol and cigarettes.

This, according to the authors initiative is already a mass dependence. After all, manufacturers began to add caffeine in literally everything. He is in regular soda, energy, aromatic milk, cookies, and even soap and slimming tights. In this case, the abuse of caffeine, especially at a young age, can lead to irreversible consequences. Proponents of restrictive measures even make a few cases of mental disorders, which resulted in the death of young people.

It is interesting that the positive effects, such as increased efficiency, increase resistance to stress and stimulation of sexual function, the researchers chose not to remind. But this not only remember people who have read the article on the Internet.

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