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Year of Putin's presidency

An important date in the political life of the country - a year ago the presidential election. After earning nearly 64 percent of the vote won by Vladimir Putin. He went to the election with an unprecedented broad and detailed reform program.

What's been accomplished, what has changed in the country this year?

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Hugo Chavez is more dead than alive

Authorities did not entertain the idea that the country was orphaned. When the leader has returned from treatment - published his photo - with a fresh newspaper - that there was no doubt about the relevance. In the family - the people saw - comandante is recovering.

And the vice president shall report regularly to the health chief. Since the last report was presented recently.

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Tariff chaos

This winter has to enter the municipal history of Russia. Millions of people across the country felt betrayed. Pervouralsk pensioner Lyudmila Schekotova also received a receipt with the new calculation. Grandma knew that the figures in the Kvitka - more than her pension. Apparently, the heart gave out.

It would seem that the most vulnerable, so weak - retirees - surrounded by offices paying utilities, stormed the regional administration. It was a fight for survival. After paying the bills, retired single people, at best, would have remained only on bread and water.

Ideas of public utilities, would have envied the smooth. They tried to charge for snow in summer, high ceilings and very cold winter - as kvarplata 13th in St. Petersburg. But perhaps the most mysterious string three letters of receipt - SGL - obschedomovyh needs. This is when all the expenses management company divides equally - between tenants.

And the tenants pay. And for new pipes, and for emergency work and for this water, which spilled onto the street. Good repair, again there is no need - not by his own buried. To Kamchatka echoes public outrage has come just now. Residents spend a tour of the parade by asking asking the same question - for what we pay. Of course, the prosecution will understand and, as in many regions, the appetites of public utilities will be less. But it is unlikely until there is a fundamental solution to the communal problem. After all, even posts in the government of the country in the housing sector is still not considered the best for karbernogo growth.

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Anti-smoking law

Vladimir Putin has signed yet and anti-smoking law. Smokers have a few months to get used to the new rules. Reduce smoking area will be gradual. This summer will not be able to appear on cigarette station, the airport and the bus stop.

Naturally smoking ban extended to educational and medical institutions, as well as playgrounds. Banish smokers from kultutnyh and government agencies. Separate item in the law prescribed a total ban on smoking in the doorways of houses and office buildings employer will have to equip special "smoking room." The same room will organize and on cruise liners.

A year later, the rules will tighten even more. Smokers will be closed on the way to the restaurants, cafes and hotels. You can not smoke in the vestibule train. In addition to get a cigarette is not even allowed on the platforms of suburban stations. This measure is much tougher than in any European country. Moreover, with the 2014-year imposed a total ban on tobacco advertising, and sellers will have to remove cigarette packs with windows. Leaving only inconspicuous price tags. Then the packages should appear frightening picture. Speaking of penalties for violation of the new anti-smoking law, they are still in the development stage. In the near future the State Duma deputies will make amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences. The fine for smoking in prohibited areas will be about three thousand.

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In Chelyabinsk meteorite contusion bird of prey

Red peregrine found near the airport Balandin. The bird had been frostbitten feet, she could not take off and, apparently, more than a day spent in the snow. Peregrine promptly brought to the famous Chelyabinsk vet Karen Dallakyan. He returned a verdict - the bird will soon recover, and her life is no longer a danger threatens.

Treatment of injured peregrine take a few more days, then it can be released into the wild. A predator call, of course, meteorites.

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Smoking schoolboys

Ministry of Health is prepared to spend 35 billion rubles to catch students smoking. Introduced mandatory testing. That is, each physical examination, ultrasonography, and besides all kinds of analyzes, all children from the age of 10 make breathing into a tube. The instrument will signal when the light traces of nicotine. But the diagnosis turned out to be controversial.

First, how do you know he was smoking a student or just standing next to his father who smokes? Secondly, once a year, and can not contain, knowing about the upcoming inspection. What is more surprising - the parents and doctors against. They already know teenage smokers in the face. What to do?

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NASA about meteor rain

NASA has already stated: meteor rain in the Chelyabinsk region is not related to a recent asteroid.

That the night was very close to Earth. The two sites are very different speed and trajectory. Although, as recognized scholars coincidence - unique. One piece of that fell in Russia, most of all, part of the "asteroid belt" between Mars and Jupiter. In contrast, the celestial body as DA14 scientists expected. It was opened a year ago in the Spanish La Sagra Observatory.

And tonight asteroid weighing 130,000 tons went past our planet at an altitude of 28,000 kilometers.

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Putin criticized the opaque activities of state companies

Today Vladimir Putin demanded to deal with debtors in the power industry, as well as questionable contracting. Over the last year the debt has grown by more than sixty percent. And judicial decisions continue to be ignored. In general, once again, the president criticized the opaque activities of state companies.

Thus, nearly three-hour meeting, the beginning of which pose no threat to the officers, ministers, accountants, passed in a tense work environment. The result of the same issues to the responsible persons Putin signing a long-term contract for the development of the shelf off the coast of Alaska - U.S. partners refuse the offer of the Russian president could not.

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Soon we will be able to fly freely to the Moon

Roskosmos announce concrete plans: in 2 years to send the first probe, then - rover, rover then more, and by 2030, to build a base. Other space-faring nations are not far behind - the Europeans also design a lunar base, the Americans created multipurpose autonomous robot.

The ambitious plans of the Chinese, Indian and Japanese. And the moon is no longer attracts as many scientific puzzles as countless new fuel reserves and strategic location.

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Attempt on Putin

In Odessa is Osmayev's trial, accused of plotting the assassination of Vladimir Putin. The defendant today announced its readiness to testify. At the same time, he denies his guilt.

The process takes place in a high security - in the hall prohibits all photography and filming. Law wife of Adam Osmayev hired an artist who makes sketches. Them - plans to later transfer to journalists.

According to the investigation team, headed by the accused, was preparing an attempt on Vladimir Putin after the presidential campaign. February 27 last year, Russian and Ukrainian security services said that prevented the terrorists. The next meeting will be held in 10 days.

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