MOH invites Russians to rest in mental hospital

Russian mental hospital preparing for an influx of visitors. And there is nothing sinister. On the contrary - we are on quite friendly and welcoming the initiative of doctors. Ministry of Health warns: excitement is dangerous to your health.

Officials plan to open the clinic every day offices - to weary of the constant stress that citizens can get there Thinking. At the same time promise to keep medical confidentiality.

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Honest inspector

In the Republic of Adygea detective refused a bribe of 250 thousand rubles.

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Another corrupt officials

A former senior official of the government of Irkutsk was arrested on suspicion of corruption.

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British scientists have discovered the world's first color film shots

British scientists have made a real discovery in the history of cinema. In the archives of the National Museum of the media and technology in Bradford Find the world's first color film shots. They are dated 1901.

Previously, the oldest color film was considered a record made in 1909 - but it turned out that the process of such a survey was created and patented a decade earlier photographer Edward Turner. It was his short "sketches" from the life of the early 20th century England, gathering dust on the shelves of the museum. The novelty of the technology Turner was the fact that each frame is shot through a special filter - red, green and blue. Unfortunately, the projection system was never brought to mind. Turner died, without even having to see the footage. However, modern computer technology has helped to restore the captured British personnel and make them move, proving that the method of Turner's work. Scientists conducted a daunting job. With the help of an optical printer, they transformed the film in 35mm format.

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Too good school under threat of closure

Violent reaction to parents of students who were expelled for poor academic performance, the elite of the Novosibirsk school used to. Offended Mom and Dad have already referred to the prosecutor, wrote the president. But before the trial came first.

By application of the woman began checking Rosobrandzor. It turned out, Physics and Mathematics School - a malicious intruder! It is inconsistent with a provision of boarding schools: here, for example, the lessons are not teachers and professors (State University and the staff of the Russian Academy of Sciences). Auditors considered unacceptable and that a ten-and eleventh-graders are not working pathologists, speech therapists, nurses, and counselors.

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Scientists can clone mammoth

An international team of scientists made the discovery, which claims a scientific sensation. In Yakutia, found the remains of a mammoth preserved with living cells. Theoretically, this gives researchers a chance to clone ancient animal after 10 thousand years after his disappearance.

Fortunately, that practical attempts have already been made, but suffered a failure just because of the lack of live material. However, there were some skeptics who believe that with mammoths in our world to return ancient disease.

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Mass murder in Khakassia

Local man shot his family.

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New Island of Russia

Map of Sakhalin Region is now a land of Sergei Kapitsa and Alexei Gnechko. Names to select the entire country on the Internet. And then the whole expedition went to the Lesser Kuril chain.

Participants of the first in the history of modern Russia topographic expedition Kurils meet their usual weather. Drizzle, fog. At sea - almost stormy weather.

The organizers of the unique project decided to bypass all the nameless Kuril islands and give them names. However, because of strong emotion instead planned for the first flight of three, only managed to visit two islands off the coast of Shikotan. One of them gave the name of the commander of the Kuril landing operation during the Second World War, Alexis Gnechko. The second was the name of the famous physicist Sergei Kapitsa.

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Putin and cranes

Vladimir Putin on a hang glider with environmentalists helped restore populations of rare cranes - sterkh.

To do this, participants dressed in white suits, so the birds have taken people for her. The essence of the mission is to show young, only opera STERKH new migration route south to wintering grounds. The presidential press service reported that participation in this experiment, Putin got the hang glider with his own money, training, and after the flight of helicopter intended to give scientists. Eaves - white crane, is listed in the International Red Book. Viet nests only in Russia, in two regions - the Yamal Peninsula and in Yakutia, and the winter is flying across the world in warm countries. One of the routes - from the Yamal Peninsula to India, through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the 1990s, due to the unstable political situation in the region in the Central Asian countries was not to protect the Red animals, and a large number of birds killed on the route.

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Simplified visa regime

Visas for Russian tourists also fell. Now they cost $180, not 260. Besides the Russians under the new rules will draw business, private, humanitarian and tourist visas on direct invitation Americans.

All the arrangements for a new visa regime in Washington consider "historical" in relations between the countries. The same opinion is shared by the Russian Foreign Ministry. According to Sergey Lavrov, is the first step towards the complete abolition of visas between the U.S. and Russia.

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