Identity card

Plastic chip accommodate all the information about the owner, but also a driver's license. You can use it to pay for bank accounts. Discussed this idea for a long time, but now for it to come from the Ministry of Communications and the Federal Migration Service. Timing of the project is not yet known - say a lot of nuances, online pirates are currently active as ever. There are those who insists that the chip can control the mind of the owner.

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Officials revenue

Primacy of growth of salaries in the Ministry for Emergency Situations - six months salary rescuers increased more than 2 times, and the average is 97 and a half thousand rubles a month.

The absolute leader in earnings were employees of the government - their income in 110ti thousand rubles a month. Then there are the employees of the presidential administration. They are painted in the statements for 102,000 rubles. Three leaders of the salary closes the Federal Agency for the supply of arms. Its workers are paid about 100 thousand.

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School for models with disabilities

Soon children will begin preparation for the first show, which will be held in Novosibirsk, in the fashion week. Project participants will show designer clothes for special people. Masha will not worry: even if amputation hands, she learned to paint, photograph and sew, then gracefully walk the runway challenge will not be accurate.

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Human speech on Mars

The rover Curiosity reproduced on the Red Planet from the Director of NASA, Charles Bolden.

The unit has recorded the broadcast, audio and handed it back to earth. Where they listened attentively. - Hey! This is Charlie Bolden, NASA Administrator. I speak to you, using the capabilities of the device Curiosity, which is on the surface of Mars. In search of a new life, new possibilities that lie beyond the horizon, we took an important step on Mars.

Today in the Martian desert shall also the premiere of the song. This will be the song "Reach for the stars". It specially written by American singer and composer William Adams. In addition, NASA specialists have published new images shot rover. They - the mysterious zone, similar to the Grand Canyon in North America.

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Fish cemetery

One of the rivers in the Nizhny Novgorod region has become a graveyard of fish.

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Mockery of the disabled

Small truck platform - his only means of transportation. Alexander Belov spent her last four years. Adaptation recently tried to withdraw social workers - to end the lease. But to business connected journalists and cart back. As a necessary addition to a wheelchair.

Due to vascular disease Alexander Belov lost arms and legs. Before the rail on wheels wheelchair, he gets, and ride it not only uses as a chair or a blank. But in the IRP - the individual rehabilitation program, which is mandatory for every person with disabilities are, somehow missed this point.

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In Moscow celebrities stand up for cats

Close all vents grille decided municipality. Explaining that such a measure would save not only the threat of epidemic, but also terrorist. In this case, in fact, they also broke their instructions. Last year, the Department of Housing personally secured the rights of cats on paper. In this, they themselves have been canceled.

Another argument against the residence of cats called fleas. Like, those who live on the ground floor, complaining that the insects filled the apartment. But, no cats, confident tenants - will only get worse. Neighbors will rat. Basements, the only place where the homeless animals can survive the winter. For a fortnight, communal block ventilation openings in almost all buildings in the city. Tenants of these barricades break, but does not last long. The very next day - a new grille.

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Unnecessary repairs

Petersburg communal forced residents of a house unnecessary repairs.

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Sect "E"

In the Chelyabinsk region FSB suppressed the activity of sects "Spiritual and tribal power Rus". It is also called a sect "E". This letter of the alphabet chosen to worship in the community. Some followers are already in psychiatric clinics. The organization is also known for "imposition" of death sentences in absentia many statesmen of the country.

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Kamchatka without government

Their positions lost 22 high-ranking officials. As long as they remain in place, but with the prefix "acting". Each will be checked for cleanliness.

Thus, Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin decided to clean up the government ranks. Recall two subordinates head region came under criminal prosecution. Last year, the former transport minister arrested Vladimir Silyukova. And recently got in jail and current sports minister Viktor Kravchenko. First accused of abuse of power, the second - in the fraud.

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