Election results in France

Francois Hollande began to celebrate a few hours after the polls closed and the first data counting. At that point lead over rival was about 4 percent.

Bravo president of the French Socialists are not screaming for almost a quarter century. Half of France, plus 3 percent of the country's changed political orientation. The already badly emaciated during the political race the first thing Hollande promised to cut by one-third his salary.

His new chair at the Elysee Palace Hollande will take next week. First of all, a socialist promised to block a three-month rise in prices for fuel, to reduce the retirement age to 60 years for those who regularly pay pension contributions and a tax on luxuries - 75 percent on income above one million euros per year. Already by August, the president is going to create hundreds of jobs and a half, and allow same-sex marriages.

Almost half of the rest of France last night mourned the missing three percent of the vote. The first term of their candidate was the last. Back in March, in the case of his defeat Sarkozy has promised to leave politics, but in his farewell speech did not say.

Test Hollande Sarkozy left behind a lot - the size of public debt is almost an annual GDP of France, the budget deficit, and 5 percent of the all-time high unemployment rate - now out of work every tenth Frenchman. With such a legacy in the hands of staff Hollande begins a new race. In June, France will elect a parliament in which the Socialists are counting on the majority.

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Prime Minister Medvedev

Putin submitted to the State Duma candidacy of Dmitry Medvedev for the approval of the Prime Minister.

Acting Prime Minister is currently the First Vice Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov.

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Inauguration of Putin

Half an hour later, Vladimir Putin officially takes office. The ceremony will be held in St. Andrew Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Putin will deliver the oath at a special copy of the Constitution. And after the vows, Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin will give the symbols of presidential power. The flag with a golden double-headed eagle, and engraved with the name, surname, patronymic name of the President of the Russian Federation. There's also the date of his tenure. And yet another symbol - a sign of the president. Golden Cross in the center of which the state emblem and motto, "The Good, the honor and glory." All this can be seen in the air of Channel Five. A live webcast will begin at 11 hours 30 minutes Moscow time.

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Radio Day in Russia

The first session is held 117 years ago, the Russian physicist Alexander Popov. This was the beginning of wireless communication. In St. Petersburg, especially the holiday is celebrated, remembered and military radio - for the 900 days leading the blockade has never ceased to broadcast.

TV reporters and radiyschik - it seems that it may be easier - reincarnated from one to another. But from a small studio town hears only the voice. This is the most difficult trick - to get the listener to see without seeing. Make it so that it is believed - are you the same person.

Constantine Petruk on the radio for 12 years. Actor Education, screenwriter and film director by vocation - it is in the walls of the house found a radio that was looking for. Feedback from the public. As a native from St. Petersburg's leading particularly passionate about what works in the walls of the city's oldest radio. Constantine sure - change is really an intelligent direction of Leningrad do not even favor the passage of time.

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March of Millions

In Moscow - "March of Millions" - meating and march of the opposition. In fact - tens of thousands of people came to the march.

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In Kazan came up with, even patented a new game. Called parkball .. A cross between football and volleyball pionerbolom. Limited space, net, the two teams.

So how is it different? And why did the author himself informs about the game the whole city?

The name of the new game veterans, "Rubin" had to change. Officials did not want to issue a patent. Now the plans of Napoleon players. Albert Nazmi sure - first parkball take Kazan, then the whole of Russia, and there and to the world competition at hand.

Volleyball net strung with difficulty. Albert Nazmi even sacrificed their own shoelaces. Today, the author presents his creation parkballa youth team "Zenit". The field of volleyball, rules of football, the number of players - not limited. The rest you can think through the very, already in the process.

In confirmation of his words went to the pioneer of the game people. The average yard metropolis. Children's play area and its inhabitants - to themselves. Two packs of salt and emergency tape - this is a recipe site for parkballa. 15 minutes - and you can play.

Find here the gates are now in Kazan difficult - two years ago, a metal arch has fallen to fifth-grader. The boy died. Since that time, similar structures under interdiction. To do this, and parkballa not. No additional equipment expands the boundaries for the players and makes it even more popular parkball. The teams are separated by a grid, there are no cuttings, no kicking. Injuries parkballe virtually eliminated.

Now each training team "Zenith" will begin with a workout here. parkball not yet claim to be Olympic sport. Veterans have the "Rubin" is another challenge - to tear children from computers and refill their yards.

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104-year-old resident of Cyprus made a flight on a paraglider

104-year-old resident of Cyprus, Peggy McAlpine became the oldest human, who flew in a glider. An elderly woman jumped from the mountain height of more than 730 meters. Extreme experiences lady enjoys a very long time.

The first time soared into the sky as early as 1920, in an airplane. in 80 years, jumped to the "bungee". A paraglider flies for the second time. But not the last. In the future, plans have to jump and beat his own record.

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Skyscraper on the site of the twin towers

The tallest building in New York has become a skyscraper under construction at the site of the twin towers destroyed in the terrorist attack of September 11. The day before he "outgrown" the famous "Empire State Building," for six and a half meters. And reached three hundred and eighty-seven meters.

The new World Trade Center will be the third highest skyscraper in the United States. And the fifteenth in the world. Construction work began six years ago. On the building will be three observation platforms. As conceived by the creators, it will be the safest skyscraper in the world.

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Dead pelicans in Peru

Off the coast of Peru, there was an environmental disaster. Its causes are still unknown. On the beach, local fishermen have found more than a thousand dead pelicans. Survived in only a few individuals, but their condition is critical, it is impossible to help them.

Scientists do not yet know where the birds were killed - on land or at sea. But last week in the same area found nine hundred dead dolphins, a turtle and a few sea lions. One version - the sea, a new deadly virus. But there are suspicions that toxins are to blame. Two hundred kilometers from where the tragedy of exploration work carried out. Report on the death of animals due to be published in the coming days.

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First psychiatric hospital

Exactly 250 years ago by Peter the Third, Russia had decided to establish a dollar-rays. Speaking in Russian mental hospital. And was told to "Insane in the monasteries did not identify, but to build on a deliberate house".

In the clinic first psychotic episode comes in acute conditions, when words alone are not quieted down. In the corridors of the department nevertheless quiet. And the House does not like solitary confinement for the violent.

The ward number six, as in all department of acute psychosis, is a quiet time. Chekhov's characters can not be found here, and in therapy since the time of writing the story, much has changed. In the House only two beds. And other therapies. Patients treated with painting and dancing.

The soul hurts, but it sings. About love. So, is recovering. Instead, droppers and pills for going to the amendment - the music, rather than a doctor - an accompanist with the conservatory education. It is not speaking in the sense of improvisation leads down. Zapevshim importantly - to prescribe the repertoire for the soul.

On the surface, and can not be said that compulsory treatment. No chains, pouring water and straitjackets. The fruits of art therapy - almost squares of Malevich - colored rectangles. Some patients bring a recognition of the work. So the outline of one of the artists hospital Mikhail Shemyakin personally selected in a separate album art studio on the door of the psychiatric leaving an autograph with the wish of creative joy. The art of one of the patients resulted in a whole new trend of modern iconography.

Treatment with the latest psychiatry - as long as only non-aggressive. With the advent of tantseterapii patient's right to discos even enshrined in the charter of a mental hospital. Slow dancing lead to a serious relationship. Mental hospital is no exception. Several years ago, outside the fence of the hospital released a couple of patients. Patients decide to tie the knot.

The process has started. The number of married couples is increasing, the number of hospital beds decreased. In recent years, they became less than 500. This is a healthy trend in psychiatry. In Italy, for example, the last mental hospital closed 20 years ago. Italians with disabilities are treated in the relevant departments of conventional hospitals. Learned to live in a society changing as the Russians forced to outpatient treatment. More and more patients returned to the mental hospital again only to find out how things were going from a former neighbor in the ward.

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