Meetings in Moscow

In Moscow all political parties and movements rallied representatives. All in all, the capital of more than 10 shares of the various parties and movements. Procession of the Communist Party and the "Working Russia" started with the Kaluga area, which brought together more than three and a half thousand people. They followed the column through the center of the city to the Theatre Directions and held a rally under the slogan, familiar from Soviet times: "For the workers' solidarity" and "Workers of all countries unite!", "Peace, Work, May."

"Congratulations to all from May 1, the day of solidarity, especially the working people in defense of their rights, dignity, a real decent wages, good fellowship, retired. I want the country to be powerful and strong. It is only through labor and solidarity, it may be a . Good luck to all! "- said Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov.

"Fair Russia" gathered under its banner more than 800 people. On the "May Day rally" in the Park "Sokolniki" from morning to work a few discussion forums. His campaign they called "Spring into politics". Party leaders in their speeches said that freedom can be achieved only through joint efforts.

"Solidarity for the party" Fair Russia "- is not an empty phrase, that familiar feeling and concept. And most importantly - this action. Our Party" Fair Russia ", which protects the rights of labor is absolutely convinced that over time our great Russia and for all justice sun would shine, the sun of social democracy, "- said the leader of the" Fair Russia "Sergei Mironov.

In the area of ??the gates in the morning Krasnopresnenskaya rallied representatives of the "Confederation of Labour of Russia." There were also activists of the party "Yabloko".

And in the middle of the day gathered in Pushkin Square, the supporters of liberal Democrats. This action was attended by about two thousand people.

"We stand in solidarity with you, with all citizens of Russia. Long live democracy, freedom! You all a holiday! Rejoice! You are citizens of the greatest country in the world. Long live Russia! Let there always be above you is the blue sky and the weather is good," - said the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

At this hour rallies and marches in Moscow have been completed. Now in the center of the city and metropolitan parks have held massive celebrations.

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Sarkozy sues journalists

French President Nicolas Sarkozy sues online edition of "Mediapart" for libel. Journalists say: Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has allocated 50 million euros on the campaign Sarkozy in 2007.

Himself head of state has called the publication - a grand hoax, a publication - bench. Today, he threatened litigation former head of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The president said the resignation is not involved in politics.

Despite the scandals Sarkozy, his rating is growing for a few days before the second, decisive round of presidential elections. And he intends to strengthen its position during a televised debate with Francois Hollande, who is scheduled for May 2.

Francois Hollande, the presidential candidate of the Socialist Party of France: "Decide voters only. I have no right to talk about winning - until it becomes a foregone conclusion. I'm just a candidate, the same as Sarkozy. Yes, in the first round I got the advantage over him, and I was named leader of the race, but it can happen any. "

In Paris, in front and Hollande campaign headquarters, and Sarkozy came out to protest the homeless. They are demanding better housing laws. And ready to cast their votes for the respective candidate.

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Another scandal with the police

Two officers patrol suspected of abuse of power by using violence, and special equipment. Evidence in the case is a videotape made by the police.

Tellingly, the same shots they were going to submit as proof of guilt of the detainee - of "insulting the authorities". A man with shackled hands and feet twisted in an expression does not hesitate. But what they do with the guards, it is difficult to characterize except sadism.

The reason for the detention of snapper was just a fight in a supermarket, which a man allegedly arranged. But she had this scene played out in handcuffs in a room at the store security guards - there is also conducted surveillance, so the lack of materials of the investigation will not be exact. In any case, the criminal case was initiated. But what makes an assessment of what happened the police authorities - is still unknown.

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Not everyone will get an ambulance

Russia has radically changed the order of the ambulance. Its speed will be divided by 7 degrees. If you are really very bad: the temperature of 40, the heart fails or you lose consciousness, the doctors will come soon.

And if a little high blood pressure or a stomach ache, the dispatcher will record the call as not urgent and put you in the queue. Will have to wait for help to two hours. It is much faster to get to the clinic, or call the doctor.

Experts believe that such measures, primarily target the chronically ill and retired. Indeed, according to statistics they call an ambulance to 100 times a year. Occasionally - just to talk, because with older people can not tolerate loneliness.

Officials from medicine recall - every call cost the budget about 2,000 rubles, and nod to the international experience - anywhere in the world is not free "neotolozhki." The patient gets to the hospital himself, or he brought home. Resuscitation teams travel only in an emergency - a very serious accident and the accident.

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Farewell interview with President Medvedev

Dmitry Medvedev, today gave an interview to Russian television journalists. And it was probably the most informal contacts with the press in the history of his presidency: the meeting place - in the studio "Ostankino", and participants - to talk for the first time invited journalists Ren channels and "Rain". They said that the private to discuss topics will not be. And it did.

The official reason - summing up four years at the head of state - has opened up opportunities for journalists, acute, and sometimes embarrassing questions to Medvedev. And you can say for sure - so frank we have not seen yet. Our correspondent Vadim Hulanhov - the main thing:

The Russian president today, was well aware of what is - apart from representatives of the traditional, very loyal to the First, RTR and NTV, to meet such a format was first invited to REN and "Rain." And Dmitry Medvedev was ready for any question, the more that they can hardly be called surprising. All of this media interest in the past: the presidential election, the career of Prime Minister and the next reshuffle of the ruling tandem.

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president: "In order for something to share, you must first get it. So, as President Putin won in the struggle. And got a very strong support of people. If the people he was denied, neither of which castling, as you say, speech could not be going. The same applies to the post of prime minister."

Most of the questions, and here, too, everything is clear - this is the general background information, focused on corruption issues in the Interior Ministry and the judiciary. Medvedev - both as president and as a lawyer, was forced to admit - not as good as we would like. But not as bad as it might seem.

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president: "What is the reform of the court? Expel the judges? But the court - is a continuous production. Thus, the administration of justice should be done every day. You can not drive out, especially since there are a lot of people are absolutely perfect. Second, where to get the others? Therefore, the reform of the court - this is not the dismissal of all judges, but to create conditions in which the conduct of judges is determined only by the letter and spirit of the law and nothing else."

Today Dmitry Medvedev summed up his four-year reign. Reporters without much politeness, almost openly criticized the president and his policies. Medvedev, each time finding an answer. For example, he once again made it clear that reform of the Interior Ministry is not just a renaming and a new form of tailoring, and a long and very painful procedure.

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president: "Of course, it is impossible to judge the overall level of law and order on the actions of individual scoundrels. They gave a principled assessment. In all such cases, criminal proceedings and, therefore, law enforcement officials simply taken into custody. We will not hide that this is happening abroad. But we are only at the beginning. This is not an easy task. We are not here so sorry, little thing, not a tiny state, which I sometimes cite as an example and say, "You know, let's throw all police and type of new."

In the studio wanting to go into the police did not find, and the conversation turned itself into a more peaceful direction. So the question was asked of education, more likely, not President Medvedev, and Medvedev, his father.

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president: "I discussed the situation with his son to the CSE. I can not say that I found his arguments convincing. Why not? Because he does not know anything else. That I know because I took exams and such, and sos. He literally said: "This is a nightmare! So much to do! "But this is a normal emotion. And I know that there was such a system, and now another system. My attitude to exam the following. I think it's generally quite modern and reasonable test, but it can not be absolutely exceptional. That is, in other words: only a single state exam - it's wrong. It should be supplemented by other tests, especially when it comes to specific professions, where CSE is not able to demonstrate what is called showmanship."

Of course, it was impossible to do in a conversation without the latest innovations Medvedev - his pre-Christmas surprise proposal to return to the gubernatorial election is still causing a lot of disputes and misunderstandings. The President admitted a few years ago was against it, and after the Duma elections, the position has changed.

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president: "I felt that the final chord should be more powerful, because the system has matured. I spoke openly about two years ago, I returned against the election of governors. Why not? I thought so. I thought that in a big country, a very complex country with a mass of contradictions is really dangerous. They still remain. But at some point I realized that people want to choose leaders. I think, great! Because we thus take off this responsibility to the supreme authority. Let people get a feel for yourself and learn to distinguish between responsible leaders of the demagogues."

Questions about what has changed in the life of the country, and personally, Dmitry Medvedev, after the Duma elections on December 4, has been set, just in different terms. And Medvedev agreed - performance at the Swamp area showed that the citizens can really say what they think, and, moreover, the government listens to the opposition.

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president: "That's when it comes to modern elections, the major election, it is impossible to steal them. Because there is always the exit polls, which are either fighting or not fighting. It is impossible to imagine a situation where, for example, where 50 percent of the candidate to exit sex, and he gets 20, while the other gets 70. It is impossible, this manipulation, no one will."

By the way, today is not only talking about elections in Russia, but also in the States - the most strange and contradictory to our partner countries in the international arena. And now the whole country knows - RC Washington works.

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president: "The RC is valid. Soon the election of the first Secretary of the Regional Committee. And I have some sympathy for one of the candidates, but it's a private matter. But I expect that he will continue, and the glorious task of leading the regional committee."

President Medvedev today said goodbye. Representatives of five of the different channels do not hesitate asking him questions that really concern people. But Medvedev is not afraid to answer them. Less than two weeks, he is likely to become prime minister of Russia and even in his new capacity, is not going to deviate from what is conceived four years ago.

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Green cloud at Moscow

During the day, the sky above Moscow could be observed an unusual phenomenon - the green clouds. Many Muscovites are reminded of that today - the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, and not a little agitated. But MOE rushed to reassure the townspeople: blame - early flowering trees and pollen.

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At Russia forest fires flare up

Airplane Emergency able at once to lose 42 tons of water, takes off tonight with the airfield near Moscow "Ramenskoye" to extinguish forest fires in the Baikal region. IL-76 amphibious Be-200 and three helicopters from Krasnoyarsk reinforce group, opposed to nearly 20-mile front of fire.

The forests are burning, so that can be clearly seen even from space - pockets visible on the map received from the satellite. In the Trans-Baikal Territory is one of the main reasons - the so-called paladins, in other words, when an uncontrolled burn the grass. The flames then climbs up the tree, and then - is riding a fire on the crowns, it blows the wind gusts of 25-30 meters per second.

According to the Center for Crisis Management, in the danger zone were six localities of Transbaikalia. From one had to evacuate about three and a half thousand people.

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Seventh-graders died during physical education lessons

Children were playing football when one of the students became ill. While educators have tried to render first aid, classmates called an ambulance. And now assert that the slowness of physicians played a fatal role.

A student of class seven secondary schools, Igor Krasnenkov fainted right during physical education lessons. The teenager felt bad when the kids were playing soccer. The boy tried to help, but to no avail.

On the football field teenagers ran to school - to call the teacher. The teacher responded immediately and began CPR, chest compressions - to no avail. The child was unconscious. The children themselves scored 03. However, the medical team for some reason did not come.

According to the preliminary version, the boy died of acute heart failure. Perhaps growing up body just could not stand exercise. The school that Igor had some health problems, did not know. In his medical card no records of chronic diseases. The administration of the school refused to officially comment on the incident.

Death boy's emergency physicians are not associated with neokazannoy while using. They say they have - all recorded.

At the scene investigators carried out the examination. Necessary to restore the full picture of the accident.

Friends tell Igor: their classmate was kind and sympathetic friend. He always helped them in difficult situations.

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The State Duma will listen to the ideas of the Russians

State Duma will be obliged to look closely to the ideas of ordinary Russians, expressed in the Internet. This was stated today, Vladimir Putin, discussing how to execute and would execute the tasks assigned to them by the articles in the program. It was about democracy. And yet - on the contrary, before the MPs will vote in favor of high-profile projects .. Those have to pass examination in the government. A striking example - with an increase in retirement age. So was it worth to argue that, in principle, as the Prime Minister said, is unacceptable and unnecessary for Russia.

7 articles, Vladimir Putin, issued to them during the race, despite the opinion of many, not just a PR-action to improve the ranking. Today, opponents of Prime Minister again had to make sure.

Vladimir Putin, Russian prime minister: "I remind you that on March 22 as a whole, we have discussed those priorities that were outlined in the pre-election articles to your humble servant, during the election campaign, it is known, the election campaign to an end, then you have to start working . It starts with the most important thing. "

Having such a meeting, Putin made it clear - all, as mentioned earlier has to be done. And, apparently because many tasks ahead and the future of the Russian government has put a new President, the work to be done. And now he began by asking the most important task.

Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister: "First of all, it will be the creation of a competitive system, focused on human interests. Modern means of mass communications give us that opportunity, and it would be wrong, absolutely, do not use it. We certainly have a lot of work to improve the quality of governance. "

The fact that many of the mechanisms of control operate with varying degrees of success or even remain at the end of the last century did not speak again, and the President and the Prime Minister. Today, Vladimir Putin stressed - without the support of civil government is far from gone.

Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister: "Civil society has certainly become a true co-wrote all the reforms in government. We have already begun to implement. In fact, in our practice this form of work and some of the bills, and I talked about it publicly, in particular, they passed a public examination - just a deep and useful. "

After May 7, it seems, Russia, waiting for a big change. Vladimir Putin, who is known to be not the biggest fan of social networking and fashion gadgets, today acknowledged - without the development of information technology the country has much to lose.

Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister: "We need a modern management model, based on applying the most advanced information technologies, including so-called krautserting - a preliminary survey, which influences the results of the decision-making."

That citizens should decide how they live. Authorities still have to be just the performers. Putin is well aware of today, he again emphasized the role of ordinary citizens in the further improvement of the country.

Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister: "We are creating a real functioning mechanism of the Russian public initiative. The proposals of citizens who receive more than 100,000 votes on the Internet, should be considered by the State Duma. I have repeatedly talked about this. And the fall of the concept of such a project should be prepared. "

Today's meeting demonstrated once again - President Putin is not going to deviate from what is said Putin prime minister. Even before the new year, he clearly outlined his position - suggest - Accomplish. And yet, it seems, everything is going according to plan.

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Fake copies of famous paintings

For the first time in Russia, opened the exhibition, which just a fake. Such a show of no one, certainly not at first planned. The collector Igor Vozyakov honestly wanted to share with their compatriots in this art. But the re-examination showed that the majority of his paintings were bought with millions - pacifiers. So why they decided to put up? And why only now rejected?

Aivazovsky, Roerich, Kustodiev. In principle, these names are enough to organize a very successful exhibition of capital from private collections. But, now you can accurately say that the exhibition is really thundered, you need a number to the same Korovin, to hang such an opinion of experts. It states that "the glow of the paint layer with ultraviolet light is not typical of standard works of the artist."

Then began the exhibition "Masterpieces of fraud", however, much more prosaic. The Collector decided to test their 14 masterpieces of the late 19th century. Now Igor Vozyakov recalls, there was no excitement. I bought the picture in the mid-90s, in an authoritative pawnshop. And to insure order.

The experts were adamant. Semigradsky so was not mistaken in anatomy, Lagorio used completely different colors, and Korovin had not heard of titanium white (they invented a century later). Collector may not have been so hurt if he had not sold the painting to the written guarantee of authenticity. But the most surprising is that, for example, Bogolyubov, "Sailboat moored" did not recognize the same experts that 8 years ago gave the conclusion: "It's not a fake!" Why do professionals change their minds, a question which is now responsible in many ways. Somebody said about human error, someone - a shagnuvshey forward technology.

Wonder what happened there, experts say. The law of the market - demand creates supply - works of art. So now the pictures of the same Aivazovsky on sale for as long as the artist would not have written a few lifetimes. Just had discovered about the fakes collectors preferred to remain silent. And now, critics have decided that creativity unknown to the authors, hidden behind high-sounding names, worthy of attention. If only because that 8 out of 9 high-quality copies - hands of domestic artists.

Now, certain curators, collectors will be engaged in checking their treasures. And the owner of the counterfeit, lost, after examination of nearly 10 million dollars, not to be disappointed in the experts finally decided to use the method of his colleague.

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