Official racist

Minister of Culture and Sport Sweden ate chocolate cake and now - on the verge of retirement. Woman had found herself in the center of controversy after a visit to the Museum of Modern Art. One of the artists arranged for the installation of eating chocolate cake. Only now the cake was not easy...

He was prepared in the form of a naked black woman, a woman of large forms. Placed a head of a living person, who make up a africana. Entrusted to the Minister to cut the first piece of... How to put it today, the Swedish newspaper "open racist spectacle..."

The guests smiled and took off what is happening on mobile phones. And the head of every touch a knife to the cake - a heart-rending cry.

It was assumed that the humanoid cake will draw attention to the issue of female circumcision in Africa. But now, artists, and the minister is accused of racism.

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Kuraev against Kirkorov

The popular singer recently held a christening of his daughter in one of the capital's temples in the form of secular parties. And, according to Kuraev, surrogate motherhood - and this is how the singer became a father - to a Christian is not acceptable.

As noted Kuraev, broke the rules and the priest who baptized the daughter of the actor. It is, first and foremost, was to draw attention to how the child came to light, and that surrogate motherhood is discouraged Church. Otherwise, according to the archdeacon of, the feeling that the rich and famous people canons do not apply.

Kirkorov official comment has not yet given.

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SARS and tactlessness killed a child

Five-month baby died in the Khabarovsk region, without waiting for aid. Christine was a common viral respiratory infections. But she lived in a remote area on the island of Great Ussuri, and the infection killed the girl faster than the rescuers arrived. Paramedic on the ground three times, and revived the child repeatedly asked to send the helicopter from Khabarovsk. But the emergency services were slow.

Five-month Christine Pugach died a few hours out on the Big Island Ussuri. Before him, the city is literally a stone's throw. From here you can even see the lights of the island village. But whether the darkness, or the narrow width of the Amur flow of some half a kilometer, proved an insurmountable obstacle for emergency services to save the life of the child.

Little Christina got sick a week ago. The assistant diagnosed an acute respiratory viral infection. It would seem a trifle. But the drugs from the pharmacy of the village did not help. Take the child to the mainland was impossible. Bridges to the island not long ago ice crossing is closed. Here it is called sludge. Message - only helicopter. One flight 120 thousand rubles. When the temperature of the child rose to 38, assistant sounded the alarm. As she tried to call for help, a doctor said on the phone. To get to the big Ussuri now impossible.

The body of a five-month Christina was taken to the mainland is already the investigators. They themselves had to look for the helicopter. Today, on this occasion flagrant criminal case. However, the competent authorities responsible for the specific name can not yet.

Ilya Gudkov, a senior assistant manager CS Raman for the Khabarovsk Territory, "Doctor, along with the child's mother on the telephone contact with the staff of the Khabarovsk perinatal center, disaster medicine, air ambulance, as well as the center of the Khabarovsk Territorial Emergency Medicine. They were asked to send a helicopter for emergency evacuation. Prosecuted under "Causing death by improper medical care in mind."

Today, all service managers responsible for emergency transportation of patients who were unavailable for comment. Township paramedics parents of the deceased girl, they explained: the helicopter could not lift into the air because of the darkness and high winds. Meanwhile, residents of the island of Great Ussuri say: this is not the first time. People are dying without medical care, and their relatives have just weeks to live in the same house with the dead.

Maria Sidorova, a resident of Grand Island Ussuri "Protoka, it has been thawed, place-it was impossible! But police are not allowed to bury! If we bury, then forced to dig. And yet the police did not come here, that's right on this couch right here lying! The windows only opened up, and here and here lie! "

Permanent bridge on the Big Island Ussuri just started to build. Buy hovercraft, or how much that any break-up, the government promised only to the following spring. So either this spring or autumn, when the Amur will come up the ice, none of the inhabitants of this island is safe from a repetition of the tragedy of the family a little Christina Pugach.

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Heat in Chelyabinsk

Thermometers showed 31 - all-time record is broken for April. The townspeople drink ice water, including air conditioners, who have - and call the managers of the company.

Complain of stuffiness, and finally asked to turn off the hot batteries in homes and offices. Public utilities, first made sure that everything is normal, the average temperature - not less than plus 8 - lasts for 5 days. And announced tomorrow heating is turned off.

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Taliban militants attacked a prison

In Pakistan, the militants of the radical Taliban attacked a prison in Bannu. Several dozen people fired at the building with automatic weapons and grenade launchers. As a result, about 400 inmates escaped, including a particularly dangerous criminal Anda Rashid. He organized the assassination of former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and was sentenced to death. The local police believed his release was the aim of the militants.

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Kim Jong-Eun spoke publicly for the first time

DPRK leader, Kim Jong Un, made his first appearance in public in front of his people. The young leader said the country's 20-minute speech at a military parade. He was devoted to the 100th anniversary of the "great leader of the country", Kim II Sung.

In his speech praised Kim Jong-Eun merits of his grandfather to the fatherland, and reaffirmed its determination to continue to pursue a policy of "Songun" and continue to give priority to the development of the army.

Kim Jong-Eun, the leader of North Korea: "We must strengthen our people's army at any cost, that would show the world the dignity of Songun, and build a strong socialist state."

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30 military observers

In Syria, the military observers will go to the United Nations. It will have 30 unarmed people. Among them, a Russian officer. Their task - to establish a link between the Syrian government and the opposition. And also get a full ceasefire.

If necessary, the UN mission will increase up to 250 people. It provides the eve of Security Council resolution adopted by the United Nations. The document has been approved and the Russian side.

Vitaly Churkin, Russia's permanent representative to the UN: "We believe that this is a balanced document. And it needs to be strictly adhered to by all parties to the conflict in Syria. The next step, in our opinion - not just to observe the cessation of violence, but also seek to establish political dialogue between the warring parties. "

Meanwhile, the situation remains tense in Syria, despite the cease-fire went into effect April 12. Fierce battles were fought in the cities of Aleppo and Homs. There are dead and wounded.

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Peruvian musicians snitched a new Guinness world record

In the capital of Peru, Lima, found, or rather a new Guinness world record snitched. Fifteen hundred people at a time, not sparing the palms, played at the national percussion instrument "Cajon".

To look at a plain wooden box, sitting on which the musician beats the rhythm. Fans to play on the box set, and not only in Peru but also wherever the sound fiery Latin rhythms. Established record of the entire city.

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Porokhovshchikov died

On the night of April 15 to the 74th year of his life, died a famous actor, People's Artist of Russia Alexander Porokhovshchikov. His film debut was in the late 60s, most of the audience loved roles in "At Home Among Strangers, a Stranger Among his own," "The Captivating Star of Happiness," "Do not part with your beloved," and many others ... Recently, Alexander Porokhovshchikov seriously ill and was treated at a metropolitan hospitals.

Not at that time was born, said of Alexander Porohovschikova. On the role of the heroes of socialist labor actor does not fit, I played the nobles, the king's officers, the White Guards. These are not admired.

"Memory - this is the most important thing. Of course, the past can not live. But based on the past is necessary. If you do not know that you were behind, you feel uncomfortable in my life. This, remember, like Antaeus touched the earth back, gained forces and as it came to life again, "- said the actor.

His second birth he saw the day when he heard the story of his family. For a long time about the noble origin had no idea. The family enemy of the people of this is not something that is not said - to think they were afraid. Alexander at the first opportunity was to study the fate of Porohovschikovyh in the archives.

The script of life was much more interesting than those that offered him the directors. In a film about his family, he starred himself, invited close friends and told the innermost. As an example, in 1941, being led away to execution of his grandfather - a design engineer, inventor of the world's first tank.

"I cried because my mother took it over her shoulder, she said she was hurt, I seem to react somehow, and I carved heel," - says Alexander Porokhovshchikov.

From this blow the deaf boy. A few months doctors tried to return the child to the ear, but managed only to restore the right ear.

Always a strong and unwavering, he even found in the pros. "Close your, and you do not hear any nonsense out there" - he said.

Porokhovshchikov could spend the entire show on stage, shutting in themselves and without saying a word. The quiet confidence and a heavy silence speak for themselves, and drawing the viewer's attention. Game in the theater, he always preferred to film roles. Here, behind the scenes, there was a meeting and the most exciting in his life.

"I'm leaving out his hand, fell on her hand, and something - zzz ... here, since we can see together", - said the actor.

"I immediately felt that this is important, what will happen in my life," - says Irina Porohovschikova.

Porokhovshchikov forty years had not been married once. Once it went to the wedding, he always asked the same question, so tormented him since childhood. If evil come after me and I will shoot, what you gonna do?

This was always followed by a question: "What have you done?" And that's just the first girl, Ira mine, said: "I will give ammo! And until today, and hopefully by the end of my days, it takes the cartridges, this baby!"

Irina has died before Alexander. She killed herself after she learned from the doctors about the serious health condition of her husband. In his suicide note explained - not live without it does not want. It happened at their home in Starokonyushny Lane. This mansion, one of the first in the country, a hereditary nobleman Alexander Porokhovshchikov in the mid 90s regained the property as a Family crest - there his ancestors lived in the XIX century.

The unique monument of Russian architecture actor has restored his own money and opened a house-museum Porohovschikovyh. He used to say in this manor living memory of the great men of my kind. Memory, to keep you in his image, in their behavior and in this house, he tried all his life.

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Russian trace of "Titanic"

Tonight marks the 100th anniversary of one of the largest man-made disasters of modern times. Cruise liner "Titanic" struck an iceberg and after nearly three hours, sank. Among the two thousand people on board, passengers and crew, it was more than a hundred citizens of the Russian Empire.

Report of the Fifth Channel reporter Julia Seferinkinoy.

For Anna Kadzovoy Titanic wreck - not just a legendary disaster - part of their own history. One hundred years ago, her father sailed to America to work - was going to cut wood. When the unsinkable ship hit an iceberg, a third-class cabins began to sink the first entry. Murkazanu Kuchiev managed to get to the upper deck. From there, the poor man was only one way - down into the icy water.

At the time of the tragedy on the "Titanic" was little more than two thousand two hundred people. Of them - more than a hundred passports to the Russian Empire - Poles, Jews and Ukrainians.

Petersburg newspapers of the time every day, printed information, with new details about the tragedy. Among them were obituaries of people who died in the crash north of the capital.

In this article we are talking about the ruined nobleman Michael Zhadovskom. In "Titanic", he served as cashier. Given the advanced age - the officer was 68 - and position, he was offered a place in the boat. But he conceded Zhadovsky woman.

In the mid-'80s, when the first dive to the "Titanic", our scientists are connected to research. That deep water manned vehicles "Mir", Soviet specialists have developed unique shots of the remains of a ship on the ocean floor and subsequently inspired James Cameron to shoot the film.

One hundred years later the collapse of the "Titanic" was the whole business industry. In Belfast, where constructed unsinkable ship, a huge complex opened to tourists, tells the story of life and death of the legendary ship.

In Sauptgemptone where the ship went into a dream the fateful voyage, organized a theater cruises to the crash site. Things are raised from the depths, differ for museums and private collections. Only the names and photographs of those who never returned from the waters of the North Atlantic, yet reminiscent of - that the death of a thousand people - a reality, not fantasy.

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