The State Duma shortened New Year holidays and extended the May.

Starting next year, during the May holidays, Russians will have a rest for 2 days more than now. The State Duma today responded to the initiative of Vladimir Putin to reduce the winter break and decided by them to increase the number of weekends in May.

So, in January, work will be free from the 8-ML days, not 10 as now. That is holiday will last from 1 to January 8 inclusive.

But two days will be cut each year to add to any public holiday - according to the deputies, most likely it will be one or the 9th of May - depending on which of these days will be closer to the weekend.

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Sexual crimes in the Irkutsk region

The prosecutor's office appealed the Irkutsk region, the judge acquitted rapist.

In the Irkutsk region of the former chairman of the District Court, Michael Dobrints accused of sexual crimes. According to investigators, the judge at first watered, and then beat and raped a 19-year-old student, was taking place in his practice.

It happened in the autumn of 2006. In fact, to deprive the judge of integrity and a criminal case, it took a long time. The verdict in the case taken out only at the end of last year, and, not guilty - "for lack of evidence." The prosecutor's office appealed the Irkutsk region of acquittal. And the court upheld arguments of the prosecution. Now consider the case again.

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Impact recreation

Journey of Volgograd officials to Italy discussed not only on the Internet, but also in the State Duma.

The State Duma today hotly debated Italian vacation Volgograd officials headed by the governor of the region. Why fly and on whose money? - Outraged people's choices. On its own, assure visitors of Volgorada, learn from the agricultural experience.

That trip took place at Easter, and coincided with the birthday of the governor, and he and his entourage called a coincidence.

At the airport, an impressive delegation of officials and deputies were greeted with flowers. The servants of the people returned from vacation with interesting business proposals.

This trip is truly unique. Deputies went to build economic ties in the sphere of agro-industrial complex at its own expense. And despite the fact that in Italy there were the Easter holidays, had to visit several enterprises.

Andrey Popkov, a deputy of the Volgograd Regional Duma: "For example, a winery, where we were there though no one was working, we were allowed into the manufacturing plant for a tour and tasting room."

Looked also at the cannery, processing plant, pig farm, and visited the field where my eyes saw the agricultural salt on the spot, in barrels. But the deputy Irina Guseva the most memorable of the irrigation system.

Irina Guseva, a deputy of the Volgograd Regional Duma: "Drip irrigation system is processing when the tomatoes, watermelons are in the fields. Did you not know? You know. This need to learn."

All in all the business went to rest about 50 people. Headed by the Governor of the Volgograd region, Sergei Bozhenova. In his post he was a little over two months. And here is a revolutionary proposal ...

Sergei Popov, deputy of the Volgograd Regional Duma: "It is very useful, very constructive traveled. That is the question that troubled me most, I got some ideas."

The first organized educational trips to Italy in the town of Montecatini. By the way, the best spa resort in the Apennines. We stopped in a five star hotel. Rooms with antique furniture. However, for cost and is easier - just 200 euros per night.

Vladimir Popov, member of the Volgograd Regional Duma: "Personally, I ride a cost of 70,000 rubles. I have concluded the contract with the company, it can be seen, even in the company, though, I kvitantsii everything, so I do not see excitement."

Media reports that officials flew to rest, the servants of the people received with resentment. They say that even the birthday of the governor - attended. The training lasted for almost 12 hours. Experienced teachers have arrived from Moscow.

Irina Guseva, a deputy of the Volgograd Regional Duma, "I answer for his words. There was no Toto Cutugno, fireworks, feasts, dancers."

In the State Duma of the regional initiative of colleagues - to fly to work at their own expense - not supported. In the effectiveness of combining business with pleasure to the members of Okhotny reason not to believe.

Sergei Mironov, a member of the State Duma Committee for Housing Policy, Housing and Communal Services, the faction "Fair Russia", "Too beautiful live our officials and we are well aware, at whose expense they live. Officials should be put in place."

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a member of the State Duma Committee on Defense, LDPR faction: "The Governor? Abroad will not go anywhere. Keep in mind. Not a decently. The mayor - will not go. Minister - will not go. In appointing him to say - stay at home. Do not annoy people. People do not have money."

In Volgograd, the criticism is not decide to be offended. They say there will be soon in pig-breeding complex for 115 head. The joint Russian-Italian project. That's when all remember - and in fact flew not in vain. And indeed established contact.

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Truce is canceled

From Syria to be reported killed and injured in fighting between government troops and opposition.

This is despite the fact that the day before both sides were to cease fire and begin withdrawing troops from populated areas.

However, the special envoy of the UN Kofi Annan still hopes to implement the peace plan. He was confident that during the day can still change. The fighting must stop April 12 at 6 am. On the eve of a meeting with Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Syria said that to implement the peace plan prevent "armed gangs" and said that the ceasefire is possible after the arrival of international observers.

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CEC about the election in Astrakhan

Today, a report on elections in Astrakhan, Russia introduced the CEC. Deputy Chairman Leonid Ivlev said that information about fraud coming from supporters of the losing candidate Oleg Shein, was not confirmed. At the same time he referred to the data received from the prosecutor's office, local election commissions and observers.

"On the part of the CEC grounds for the initiation of the abolition of the election results are not seen the mayor of Astrakhan. Most of the arguments and appeals Shein does not match the facts. Few violations identified by the election committees, law enforcement authorities, could not affect the validity of voters' will and the result of vote counting," - said deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission Leonid Ivlev.

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Putin played the piano again

Putin played the piano again Vladimir Putin played the piano in the theater "Russian Enterprise" named after Andrei Mironov. In the evening, Vladimir Putin arrived in Theatre "Russian Enterprise" named after Andrei Mironov in St. Petersburg. Premiere met artistic director - Rudolph Furmanov. He spent the guest through the halls. Putin stopped at an old piano and tried to strum a recognizable melody, but the tool was upset.

Detuned piano, however, did not stop hear the tune of "Evening Song", which was considered the unofficial anthem of the Leningrad and now St. Petersburg, and also became the basis for the national anthem of FC "Zenit". Vladimir Putin and the owner of the theater were still in the lobby, then inspected the auditorium from the balcony and talked face to face at the reception artistic director. What were talking - not reported.

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Evacuation in Thailand

Thai authorities have begun a large-scale evacuation of coastal residents.

Evacuation of affected six provinces, including those traditionally Russian tourists relax. According to preliminary estimates, there are now tens of thousands of our citizens.

In the next few minutes on the coast could fall tsunami. This forecast was made ​​in the Pacific warning center elements after the Indian Ocean earthquake with magnitude 8.7. The epicenter was 500 kilometers from the capital of the Indonesian province of Aceh.

Tremors were felt in Thailand, India and Singapore. Data on casualties or damage in Indonesia has not yet been reported, but is reported to have many people in a panic to flee their homes and are now looking for temporary shelter. The region has recorded a magnitude 6.5 aftershock.

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Rick Santorum dropped out

U.S. presidential candidate Rick Santorum dropped out of presidential race. Abandon political ambitions he had to because of problems in the family. In the youngest daughter Santorum serious genetic disease.

Many children from this disease do not live up to six months. Now a three-year Isabella at the hospital. Parents try to always carry with her.

Rick Santorum: "It was a difficult decision ... We took him over the weekend. Today, for me, the presidential race is over. We stop the campaign. But the Republican Party will fight to the end. We will defeat Barack Obama."

Out of the Santorum race likely added another Republican candidate - Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor is already in the clear favorites. But now, experts say, the main intrigue of the upcoming U.S. election is almost solved. Most likely, be compared with the forces of Barack Obama will be the Romney.

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Without a prescription

In Russia people have transported the remains of its embassy staff killed in Iraq 6 years ago.

Today reminded currently one of the most tragic stories in the annals of modern Russian intelligence. In Iraq, found the remains of our diplomats who were executed by terrorists six years ago.

Foreign Intelligence Service officer Oleg Fedoseev, three employees of the embassy in Baghdad - Fyodor Zaitsev, Rinat Agliulina, Anatoly Smirnov and the driver - Iraqi insurgents captured in June 2006. Russia immediately launched an ultimatum - withdraw from Chechnya, the federal troops and release all prisoners of Muslims. But not even begun negotiations, the hostages were executed.

Scary video footage later sent to the Russian embassy. The responsibility assumed the Iraqi group, which is close al-Qaeda. In analyzing the events of those years, a former intelligence officer Vladimir Evseev sure - if the Russian security services have underestimated the danger of the situation in Iraq. There was a civil war, and were required additional security measures.

Vladimir Evseev, director of the Center for Public Policy Research: "Maybe it was not necessary to leave no urgent need to limit the maximum travel. Maybe at that time to limit the diplomatic mission at all cost. Capabilities of our intelligence agencies, even in Baghdad were extremely limited. Otherwise, they could have prevented the attack, the event. Because certain information that could be obtained, if would have been the sources of information - they simply did not exist. "

The remains of executed Russians have taken to Moscow for tomorrow's funeral will take place.

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The police promised to respect the citizens

A police officer who is on duty in a public place must wear a chip on their form and presented to citizens, with whom communicate. This statement was made ​​today by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia Sergey Bulavin, speaking to the crowd at a meeting of the President's Council on Human Rights.

Implementation of this requirement will be one of many steps in the final reform of the MVD. The main function of the police must change from total control to protect the rights and public service.

Sergei Bulavin, Deputy Interior Minister: "They say that friendship, as opposed to love, can not be unrequited. And respect is always mutual. Police will be respected when they begin to respect their citizens."

Expect that changes will occur at one time is not worth it, said Sergei Bulavin, but all conditions were created for it.

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