Ten-year-girl gave birth

In Colombia, the girl gave birth to ten. She did not even know she was pregnant, when applied to the hospital. The patient complained of a strange pain in my stomach. Doctors were shocked when they realized the girl went into labor.

I had to make an urgent caesarean section.

Fabio Gonzalez, MD: "The child weighs two and a half pounds. He is healthy, but his mother is in serious condition. The girl came to us at 39 weeks of pregnancy. We had to do a cesarean section. The very least she could not give birth. Now, we are constantly watching the health of mothers."

The identity of the child's father has not been established. But even if the police will find out, it will still not be able to prosecute. The girl brought up in an Indian tribe, which lives by its laws.

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Mayoral elections in Astrakhan

As a result of prosecutor's check the results of elections of the mayor of Astrakhan opened five administrative cases - for violations during the vote count. But the bulk of the claims has not been confirmed and the validity of the violations found, according to the regional prosecutor's office, had no effect.

According gorizbirkoma on March 4 election defeats Mikhail Stolyarov, who collected 60% of the vote. His rival Oleg Shein came second, receiving just under 30%. Supporters of defeated candidates who do not agree with these results, announced an indefinite hunger strike.

The CEC said that it encourages participants to challenge the results of elections of the mayor of Astrakhan in court, and not to continue the protest. April 10 at Astrakhan were unauthorized rallies both for and against the election results.

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Fire in St. Petersburg

In case of fire in an apartment building in St. Petersburg, killing children. Residents believe that it is arson.

In St. Petersburg last night for an increased number put out a fire in a building. Communal apartment on fire. Despite the prompt action of rescuers, victims could not be avoided. Now investigators establish the cause of PE, but the tenants already have their version.

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The whole Titanic

The Internet was first laid out the unique documents about the collapse of the "Titanic."

This is a list of passengers, crew profiles, a testament of the master and several famous American magnate who died along with the liner.

You can also see photos of headstones of victims of disasters and acts of medical expertise. In addition, published new images lying on the ocean floor "Titanic" - a high-definition images. All these actions are confined to the centennial anniversary of the crash.

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Healing friendship

In the Chelyabinsk region of sick children being treated with the help of dogs. This is called Canistherapy. A special treatment center. Classes are free, but the effect is stunning.

Each man's best friend - before becoming a doctor, is selected.

It's not just children's shyness, Sveta cerebral palsy. To his four years she can not move independently. Even just a smile - for her parents - an incredible happiness.

German Shepherd Dog Yasha - kanisterapevt. As Labradors Luba and Lucy. Light of their already well know. Drive to school girl month. Wait until the child would choose a particular animal. Then a shaggy-haired girl to the doctor becomes personal.

One of the most effective exercises - feeding. Contact the most crowded, comes confidence. Nothing the child does not cause positive emotions such as dog language relating to the palms. Responsibility for the one who tamed, and this is how a child sees a dog, makes move to rejoice. Amy's mother sees this effect, and in fact what has just never tried.

Before becoming kanisterapevtom every canine is a tough selection. One good-natured enough to make contact with children. There is a special test that is carried out dog handlers. As he had only three teeth of the hundreds of dogs.

It is now commanded by Olga. Six months ago, she, without moving, sitting on a chair in a corner, clenching his mother's hand on the brink of hysteria. Because she was afraid. With the fear of animals come here nine-tenths of children.

That "dog" therapy has a positive effect on motor skills, coordination, reduces the number of seizures, noted scholars. Children start to speak better, move, orient themselves in space, to actively respond to the world. In Magnitogorsk rehabilitation centers give children free of charge and the direction of a physician. The center's employees even go to the pets at home.

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Disability rights

In Moscow, the board of a HOA residents deprived of the right to house the elevator. And it is invalid and he must rise to the fourth floor. At the same time help the poor pensioner kind and happy, but are not supposed to ...

All steps of the ladder for the disabled, Leonid Mikhailovich - the test. At each passage has to do a little break - to catch my breath. After a stroke, he began to exercise a strictly contraindicated. But another way to his apartment did not get a pensioner. Elevator in the house is, but for Leonid Mikhailovich, access to closed.

Leonid Shalit: "Last year, the elevator started, I was so happy. And then comes the team of workers and begins to put extra things. Locks and Keys have made given."

On the call button - elevator does not respond. Doors open only to those who have a special key. It remains to either wait until someone with them a lift, or climb stairs.

Close the entrance to outsiders, setting the elevator control system access, they decided at a meeting of neighbors. Leonid Mikhailovich had not been invited. Unlike everyone else, the owner of the dwelling it is not. Already 35 years old - live in an apartment on the social contract of employment.

Leonid Shalit "When the chairman asked the HOA to issue the key - no you're not a member of the HOA. You are not supposed to. He asked, and how much does it cost? He told me - you're not a member of the HOA with your money, we do not have the right to take."

By law, make decisions about public places, are obliged to all owners of apartments. Interests Leonid Shalit HOA had is engineering service area. At the meeting they were not. And to appeal to a pensioner, this is the service said - they say, is not in their competence to decide such questions. By appeals to higher authorities, but in this case, the Department of Housing Policy, also declined.

Vladimir Makarov, head of the department of housing policy in Moscow: "In the 13 homes are no protocols have been reported. To date, the central district was first heard on this issue."

Fare in an elevator in the house the neighbors have installed a year ago. Leonid Shalit says that his request to extradite the key, chairman of the HOA just threw up his hands. He says residents opposed. Why - does not explain. And refuses to comment.

The prosecutor's office, arrogation neighbors consider illegal. And no authority to prohibit the use of its retiree same rights as tenants do not. All the more so in debt Leonid never registered, and utilities, which includes the maintenance of elevator equipment, pays on time. Olga Trushkova, Deputy Attorney CAO: "He as well as residential property owners may use the facilities of the common property. Housing Code - Article 36 specifies that it is possible to use objects of common property - elevators, elevator shafts."

According to the deputy prosecutor to negotiate with the tenants without a court has failed. The first hearing is scheduled for May 7. That means at least another 1.5 months, using an elevator, for Leonid Shalit will not be possible.

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Breivik is sane

The results of repeated psychiatric examination an hour ago announced in Oslo. The output of medical means one thing - Breivik did not escape criminal responsibility for a double attack that killed 77 people.

It was established that at the time of the crime he was absolutely cool. This is in spite of paranoid schizophrenia, which he previously attributed to doctors. Breivik himself in a letter sent last week in the Norwegian media, admitted that the verdict of his insanity would be his "extreme humiliation", insisting that the mentally healthy and should be tried as a terrorist.

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´╗┐Expectation of reconciliation

Syria must finish the war. The authorities and the opposition are going to withdraw its troops from population centers. This was confirmed by Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem during the talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

At the meeting discussed how to implement the plan proposed by UN special envoy of Kofi Annan. According to Lavrov, the Syrian authorities are willing to follow all the arrangements.

Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister: "We were provided with information about the early implementation of the Syrian leadership aspects of the use of the army and the heavy machinery in the cities. Frankly, we made known our assessment of the situation Syrian colleagues believe that the Syrian authorities could act more decisively in implementing the relevant provisions of the plan."

Within two days the parties must declare the full cease-fire. However, a written guarantee of the ceasefire and the opposition is not given. Today's special envoy General Kofi Annan traveled to Turkey to inspect the Syrian refugees camps. There, according to local authorities, there are already 25,000 people. On the eve of one of these camps in the border city of Kilis fired at snipers killed dozens of people.

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Teachings of flame-thrower battalion

They fired new missiles of increased range of facilities with a children's title "Pinocchio." A volley of only one machine can bring down a large enemy unit. well, if it takes a whole unit of "Pinocchio", the chance to stay alive in enemy remains.

After a volley of military vehicles, operated by contract soldiers, fighters demonstrated their ability to active service. In the scenario, they covered the withdrawal of self-propelled guns, flame throwers using the latest generation of hand.

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Civil society

Former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin announced the establishment of a committee of civic initiatives. The new organization, as stated, to identify ways to develop the country and will oppose the government, offering alternative solutions to the problems of the state.

The committee, in particular, included the governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh, a member of the Presidential Human Rights Council, Dmitry Oreshkin, TV presenter Vladimir Pozner, economists Igor Jurgens and Yevgeny Yasin. As stressed by Alexei Kudrin, the motion will be above party and the public.

"We want to develop the institutions of civil society and to help citizens, community citizens, community organizations, professional people find their way. And we will be able to develop laws and regulations, but not always, we need only the Duma or the Prime Minister or President. There the mayors of cities, there are municipalities, they have authority. We can not wait for the realization of long-term strategies, and begin to carry out the tasks already at the level of the subjects, municipalities, even small entities self-government "- said Alexei Kudrin.

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