Smetanova under written

Catherine Smetanova, a major figurantok profile criminal case of fraud in the "Oboronservis" indicted.

And today she changed the measure - with the arrest on his own recognizance. In addition, Smetanova provide protection. Oh it was reported in the Investigative Committee.

The case is the latest episode of Smetana scale stories about corruption in the Ministry of Defense, beginning with the scandal of "Oboronservis". Now combined into one case 10 criminal cases against officials of the military. They are suspected of illegal realization of large properties.

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Hillary Clinton says goodbye to the White House

Hillary Clinton has said good-bye to the White House, and colleagues. She left the post of Secretary of State - voluntarily. In the evening, the owner of the Foreign Ministry will be John Kerry - he pronounces the words of the oath and thus takes office.

Some experts believe that now the former first lady - she starts the presidential election campaign. But while Mrs. Clinton on this point did not say a word.

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Parting with earflaps

Another decision again touched the Defense Ministry uniforms. After footcloths refuse and the traditional caps, ushanok. They will be replaced modern hats, as the creators insist the warmer, light and comfortable. But the famous ears not refuse. Still, after they have become famous all over the world!

And, apparently, the old stock at the warehouses not lying around - the demand from foreign tourists in particular earflaps.

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Absurd laws

At the request of the Internet "absurd laws," you can find many surprise. The ban on sex with porcupines in California law banning die in the Parliament building in Britain. We here in the Vladimir region deputy legislative ban kicked mushrooms. In Yekaterinburg choices people have given the bill on compulsory insurance of their own - deputies from sunstroke and rape. Generally, if you carefully examine all bills, as found at all Doom and legislatures - are so many interesting things that you do not know - to laugh or cry.

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Electronic cigarettes can also be banned

The State Duma is going to make a further amendment to the sensational anti-smoking law. And plastic substitutes, and even chewing gum in the form of cigarettes, should, in their view, generally disappear from the market. Until now not known what was inside. And the unknown scares people's choices are not less than the harm of nicotine. Although the initiative has not been approved, smokers rebelled.

For many people electronic cigarette was the only assistant in the fight against a bad habit.

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Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky found at Russian extra chromosome

Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation: "I think that after all the disasters that hit Russia in the twentieth century, beginning with World War I and ending with the restructuring, the fact that Russia has been preserved and developed, said that our people have one extra chromosome. "

Online community was seriously excited. Bloggers believe that Medinsky understated intelligence Russians. Indeed, the number of unpaired chromosomes is a sign of mental disabilities.

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Russian Foreign Ministry has expanded to 60 names "black list" of Americans

Recall the so-called "List of Guantanamo" Moscow introduced in October last year. Then it included 11 people involved in the activities of the same name by the prison and the torture of prisoners.

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The Russian hospices to talk about death in general is not accepted, although all patients - as if doomed. Here believe even the most hopeless patients should have the right to survive.

Under the laws of Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and several U.S. states, patients have to find a doctor who will do lethal injection.

Verbessem brothers found an easy death at University Hospital in Brussels. Doctors went to meet them, including their case - simply unique.

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Spirits rose

Vodka has risen, and with it all the spirits. A 37% interest. So it is cheaper to 170 rubles per half liter 40-degree and not be found. And this is not - in the future, the excise tax will rise again.

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Anatoly Serdyukov has again refused to testify in the case of "Oboronservis"

This morning, a former defense minister for questioning by the Investigative Committee was. However, as it became known later, the conversation never took place. Instead, the key witness in the case, "Oboronservis" provided investigators a few sheets with written explanations.

The official representative of the TFR has already said - this form can be regarded as an attempt to obstruct the investigation. A procedural status Serdyukov may change.

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