Gas explosion in Novokuznetsk

Four victims of a gas explosion in Novokuznetsk are still in intensive care.

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Putin signed a number of important bills

Changes to the law on refugees - to clarify the status and the treatment of foreign nationals. Also signed a document, the adjustment of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. First of all, that part of it which deals with the rights of juveniles serving sentences in prisons and orphanages closed.

To the list of bodies to which victims can seek added ombudsmen and child rights - as the president, and with regional status.

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Putin signed several new federal laws

The president raised the minimum age for officials. Now they can work up to 70 years. Earlier in the 60 they already have retired. Another document refers to the Olympic Games in Sochi. Tickets for the scheme to introduce administrative responsibility. Prices will establish the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees.

The President also signed into law a five-year visas to foreign investors - such as those involved in the development center Skolkovo. Until now, visas were annual.

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Results of 2012

Victory and defeat. Elections, scandals and disasters. Grief of loss and the joy of new life. What has become a reality, and that will not be repeated anymore.

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Russian celebrities rushed to patent their own names

Russian celebrities rushed to patent their own names. Singers, politicians, athletes and circus performers - insure yourself and your finances. First of all, a business. Timothy, for example, nominal range of shops. Zhirinovsky - vodka and mayonnaise. They are very profitable for someone else profited from the star glory.

It's quite another - a matter of honor! How to respond to viewer cheated? Bring double bad show, and then prove that it was an imposter, but you yourself - just real.

Artist can you not be, but the profit must consider... Making money is not the talent and hard work, and, in the truest sense, his own name followed by Western and Russian colleagues rushed to the star. In all, only to the patent office in the past year has risen nearly three dozen players, boxers, TV stars, and of course the singers.

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Concierge services

This is a company that specialize in the performance of any whims money VIP clients. So, the demand in the past year has increased by at least twenty percent.

Moreover, representatives of compatriots continue to surprise the market the most extravagant requests. For example, one businessman asked to urgently find penguins living in Monaco.

Bibliophile who asked not ordered the complete works of Alfred Brehm, "Animal Life" - certainly 1893 edition! To pick up one hour gift worth half a million dollars - were those wishes. But someone decided to congratulate the girl wrote her name in the sky lights of fireworks.

However, experts concierge services note that such orders romantic these days are becoming a rarity. Most of the customers are interested in just buying antiques and banal luxury tours in Courchevel. Very expensive and "so soon!".

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Patent race

Pop stars and sports register their names as trademarks and patents of the family. Champion and deputy Alina Kabaeva made its official brand passport data. Among others, "Rospatent" took from her application for registration and verbal designation "Doll Alina".

Kabaeva and followed the example of the legendary swimmer Vladimir Salnikov. Insure and footballer Andrey Arshavin, under the same brand of clothing it produces. In show business not brendiruetsya is just lazy. Singer Timur Yunusov, aka Timothy a year promoting its own network of fashion stores. Patents for names is Dima Bilan, Sergey Zverev, Alsou and Andrey Malakhov...

The pioneers here is considered to be Alla Pugacheva, Philip. The latter, by the way is the owner of a trademark registered for almost any product - from margarine to vodka. Interestingly, in the past year the fashion for the registration of names flooded and Ukrainian politicians. For example, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has already staked out its data. But among the Russian parliament has long distinguished leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. With the 94-year-branded "Zhirinovsky" out liquor, tea and mayonnaise.

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Childish books

On September 1, labeled TV and radio programs. But the books are still not covered in full. Officials have thought, it seems everything and character size, and its location on the cover. True, what book to recommend what age - here publishers will smash his head.

Most publishers of harm's way, have already started to mark their books. Turn up as the minimum age, because unlike television programming, fiction excites the imagination, and then there will come up with the reader - is known only to himself. But if you follow the letter of the law, in Dostoevsky's novel "Crime and Punishment" is quite possible to deduct the calls for violence, and in Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita", even erotic scenes.

When adults begin to browse literature for children, they try to always read carefully between the lines. For a colorful cover may hide instruction alcohol, sex education lessons or even taboo vocabulary. This time, the volunteers' Ural parent committee "did not find anything suspicious. But to be indifferent, do not allow moral principles.

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Feed of the promises

In the city of Nizhny Novgorod Region Ambulance again alert signals - the station was in a catastrophic state in the fall.

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Russia is recognized as one of the most militarized countries

British International Council conversion annual rankings by which our country is in the weapons Second only to Israel, Singapore and Syria. These states have taken the first through third places respectively.

But according to experts around the world, a global index of militarization - not exactly an objective measure. The fact is that when it is taken into account calculating the ratio of military spending to the level of the country's GDP. So it happened that the U.S. is only 30 place ranking, while the level of military power is growing, and the budget for the defense industry - is still the largest in the world. It's the same with China, ranking it only 82, whose army budget is second only to the U.S.. Another indicator that takes into account - the number of reservists. In Russia, a formal military strength is really great, but they include the draftees, long since retired, "conscripts", university students from the military department, as well as those partially fit for military service. But the least militarized countries are Madagascar, Niger, Jamaica, Ghana and Mauritius.

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