Appeal to earthlings

Scientific experts NASA decided his authoritative opinion to reassure those who believe in the end of the world.

Scientists question the most popular today scenarios of global catastrophe. Land, they argue, will not die either from a collision with another celestial body, nor as a result of the "parade of planets", or from a solar flare.

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´╗┐Penalties for exceeding the average speed on the track

In the State Duma Committee on Transport, a new initiative is ambiguous. In order to strengthen the control over the situation on the roads, deputies propose to introduce penalties for exceeding the average speed on the track.

A simple example. The journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow, if you go by the rules, takes about 8 hours. On the outskirts of the northern capital car captures video camera at the entrance to the destination - as well. Immediately calculate the time, and if it is less than the calculated value, then somewhere along the way the driver just exceeded.

A similar system is in place in Europe. And in some countries, a fine up to several hundred euros. However, there are innovations and weaknesses. Suppose the driver stood in traffic, and then decided to catch up, in clear violation. Journey will meet with safety standards. In addition, the equipment of the Russian roads video camera leaves much to be desired.

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Pinocchio effect

Spanish scientists from the University of Granada have confirmed experimentally the existence of the effect of Pinocchio.

When a person lies, his nose is really amazing things happen. Experimenters found interesting patterns. It turns out that if we speak the truth, the temperature is changing. Externally, it is almost imperceptible, but thermograph stated outright - nose liar literally on fire!

By the way, so does the body react to any attempt to hide the owner or somehow distort their feelings and emotions. In contrast, when subjects were not trying to deceive anyone, and were focused on solving complex problems, nose they grew cold.

The results of these studies can be successfully applied in practice. For example, as additional features when passing a lie detector test. But the scope of another discovery is still open. The same team of researchers from Granada established for certain - the temperature in the buttocks flamenco dancers performing somehow reduced.

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Lenfilm announced a set of actors

Lenfilm is going through hard times and looking for talent. Studio which has not yet recovered power companies billions in debt has been announced the creation of five feature-length films.

Try out new roles are thousands beginners and distinguished actors.

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To ban fireworks

Children's ombudsman Pavel Astakhov has called the example of Europe and proposed a ban on the retail sale of fireworks. This is just before the holidays! Defender quoted the younger generation - in the New Year holidays are overcrowded emergency room victims of firecrackers, fireworks and rockets.

While the Interior Ministry warns of a Number of Party Supplies in questionable areas and prepares special site where you can shoot...

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Waiting for the end of the world has created unimaginable kinds of service

Just over a month left before the end of the world, which was predicted Mayan civilization, and recently confirmed by the mysterious Tibetan monk. In Russia, as usual - stockpile salt, matches, canned food. And in some special parts of Europe, to which the apocalypse supposedly not reach, clean up hotel rooms...

Meanwhile svetoprestavlencheskie mood generated these types of services, which are to a healthy mind and think strange.

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Ice bacteria

American scientists have published the results of studies of water samples of Antarctic subglacial Lake Vida. In sealed for nearly three thousand years, the source of life is preserved. Biologists have found thousands of frost bacteria.

Interestingly, the water in the lake just did not really contribute to the emergence of something alive. She is a strong brine, inside which contains a lot of aggressive molecules nitrate, nitrite, nitrous oxide, and other derivatives. However, it is the chemical composition, coupled with low temperatures, so slow down the process of metabolism in the cells, they were able to survive in isolation 2,800 years.

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"Via-Gra" will no longer be

The 12-year project was financially successful, do not hide the producers. One problem: the freedom and openness on the scene becomes more and more young followers breathed back. And to keep the set "VIA Groy" rate is not always a virtue, even this author, as Konstantin Meladze. Because in the last clip of any passion, nor awed. Frankness unless stayed, but not the same.

Meladze itself, however, believes: by then everything will be in each of the soloists alone. He will now solo career Albina Dzhanabaeva - pearl of the last and the wife of his brother singing in combination. And fans insist to generations of "VIA Gra" will raise more spirit. Group a few years ago is already falling apart. And sharply higher receipts for participation in corporate parties again forced the group to sing.

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Rasul Mirzaev has been convicted, released and can claim compensation

Rasul Mirzaev court found guilty on the easiest of possible articles. And released. And - contrary to the common formulation - this was not quite "in the courtroom." Because of the special circumstances of protection taken out athlete on paddy and to relatives in one of the metropolitan areas, news agencies reported.

Thus ended one of the most high-profile of this year.

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Pension reform was postponed for a year

The bottom line is this: The employer deducts for us on the pension fund 22% of the salary. The lion's share - 16% goes to the Pension Fund of Russia. From this old people pay now. This is a mandatory part. 6% - funded part. We manage it on your own - you can leave the running of the state, most of them do, and gets a "chain letters". Can be transferred to private pension funds, they won promises of up to 40% per annum. The government has decided - just three-quarters of the citizens, "undecideds", do not use their 6%, it is necessary to divide the rate of 4% over all the same pension funds in Russia, and in the accumulation of leave only 2%. What is 2% - even a penny. This solution is in fact a cross out all that for which 10 years ago began to reform. After all, the main goal was - to teach the Russians to take care of old age in advance, as in developed countries in order to receive in retirement is actually a double pension. And 19 million people have responded to the reform, began to develop the funded part, made additional contributions. And it is, as a rule - the middle class. President revised the government - no prinudilovki wants citizen himself stash - even saves, does not want to - the rate would go to the state.

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