Underperforming schools

The Ministry of Education certified schools and all were in shock! Every third - "universal" inefficient. And among them are those where applicants are in the queue, and the parents do not feel sorry for receipt no money... to prepare.

International ratings long our universities do not favor - the best - MSU to 116 place.

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New corruption scandal in the defense department

This week, the leaders were arrested another firm that served the Russian army. They were suspected of fraud for 90 million rubles, and during searches found 275 million in cash - gray accounting for a bundle of money subscribed names who relied much.

According to the Chamber only on state contracts in Russia steal one trillion rubles annually. With this sum, for example, was able to live the whole of Greece.

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Construction scandal in Moscow region

Moscow residents are prepared to defend private property. For the reconstruction of the route authorities want to demolish dozens of homes.

All for the reconstruction of basic routes in the suburbs have to clear the area for 72 plots. Demolition fall refueling, shops, parking lots and homes that are located closer than 10 meters from the road repaired. In the department of land resources are sure - no other way to unload the car traffic, is not there.

Take territory from the owners will, of course, not for free. Compensate for the lost square footage, the state promises to the market price. Planned to take account of all - not only the condition of the house, but stands on the site. Plus, of course, the earth itself, which due to its location, every year more expensive.

But to give their land, even at a good price, ready, not all residents of the village. The house of Nina Yakovleva lived for 6th generation. Stone mansion, sanitized area, and business - without leaving home. And no amount of money, to give their land is going.

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Stabbing in the tram

Moscow still seeking criminals who organized the eve stabbing on the tram to the east of the capital and caused three injuries to passengers. People are outraged that the company was not going to pay the fare, and now fighting for their lives physicians.

Criminal case opened under "the intentional infliction of serious bodily injury". All suspects are wanted. According to the description of witnesses, made a sketch of the assailants.

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Street performers will pay taxes

Moscow authorities decided to take care of ... street artists. According to the initiative, all singers, poets, clowns, impersonators have to buy a special patent, and pay taxes.

Businesses street genre in horror: this does not exist anywhere in the world! But experts wonder, if carried away, you can patent all, including the well-known singers, comedians, television personalities.

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"Gangnam style" now blew the Rome

More than fifteen thousand people dancing in the main square - Piazza del Popolo - a composition of a South Korean rapper Sai, which is held for several weeks at the top of the Italian charts.

All participants of the flash mob came in white T-shirts with the image of your favorite artist. Music was not only the scene. Participants of the rally, who were far away from her, included the song on their phones. Summer video "Gangnam style" won the Internet and gathered nearly 700 million views.

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Russian Breivik

Russian Breivik shot his colleagues and left a manifesto.

Thirty years. Lawyer at a large pharmaceutical company. Say, a quiet and shy. What made the seemingly ordinary, man go for a terrible crime? They say the answer to the surface. Colleagues were former girlfriend Vinogradov, who recently severed relations with him. Ostensibly, it was because of unrequited love man first five days of drinking, and then went out to kill. But psychologists do not share this opinion. Such crimes, they argue, does not occur spontaneously.

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Barack Obama won the election

"4 more years" - this record has left a tweet Barack Obama. He won the U.S. presidential elections. To do this, he needed 270 electoral votes. Obama scored 303. Mitt Romney - 203.

Could celebrate the victory even without counting the votes in Florida and Virginia - the gap was already so great that Romney called Obama to congratulate him on his victory.

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Extinction of Russia

11 Russian cities are on the list of endangered cities in the world is rapidly.

UN published a list of the world's cities is rapidly dying out. The vast majority of positions - 11 of 28 occupied by Russian metropolises. And chief among them - Nizhny Novgorod - he is in 5th place ranking. The experts considered that, by 2025, the city lost nearly 12 percent of its population.

At 6th place Saratov - its population declined by 11.5 percent of the population. Made the list, and St. Petersburg, he in 11th place, after 12 years, the population of the city lose anything by 8.5%. Is listed in Omsk, Perm, Samara, Ufa, Voronezh, Volgograd, Chelyabinsk and Novosibirsk.

As for the leader, tops the list of Ukrainian Dnipropetrovsk. Its rate of decrease in 2025 is almost 17 percent. But the absolute surprise was that the rating, in addition to Havana, Seoul and Odessa, includes three most popular Italian cities - Rome, Milan and Turin.

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Plantains instead of bread

UN experts believe that because of climate change will replace the banana bread.

Humanity will soon have to change the diet. UN experts predict that in the near future familiar dishes and products people will have to make of new ingredients. Blame global warming again. The climate is changing, and the conditions for traditional crops, such as corn, rice, wheat, and become less suitable.

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