Health medicine

Vladimir Putin has promised that by 2018 will double the salary of doctors.

Program to modernize health care, designed for 2 years is still far from complete, but the president said the interim results can already fail. And at the same time to remind all regions where the program of verification of the schedule of works.

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Prison term for soldiers

Now, the military will have to answer not only for violation of the regulations governing relations and degradation. The prosecutor's office has seen in their actions inciting ethnic hatred. This trick can turn for each five years of imprisonment.

And these fiery dance of the night his friends staged three military air base with Shagol. They are now serving time in one of the colonies of the Chelyabinsk region. It would seem that the dance itself does not pose any harm, but the chairman of the social and cultural center "Dagestan" Zaynulla Darbishihumaev believes that such forcible involvement in national traditions did not contribute to the convergence of nations.

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Antialcoholic legislation

Cheap wine could disappear from Russian stores. A proposal to the Union sent Rosalkogolregulirovanie winemakers. If the agency granted the request, the minimum retail price of a standard bottle will be 110 rubles. And manufacturers will sell its dealers for 80 instead of the current 50.

They themselves need to explain this poor harvest of grapes and in a particular Russia and throughout Europe. And the claim that the price should be reviewed annually, depending on the situation in the world - many Russian wines made from Italian, Spanish, French, Argentine and Chilean grapes. By the way, at a cost of sparkling wine suggestions have been implemented. The order on the minimum price of 115 bottles of champagne ready rubles, and is undergoing examination in the Ministry of Economic Development.

Alcohol may increase in price for another reason. New amendments to the legislation to discuss the State Duma. There is a proposal to sell alcohol only in specialty stores. And nowhere else. Such alkomarkety supervisors will be easier to control.

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In the next 25 years, our planet faces a collision with up to three asteroids

Russian scientists today issued a chilling warning: the next 25 years, our planet faces a collision with up to three asteroids. Besides the already known Apophis close to Earth two other heavenly bodies of impressive dimensions - words of President of Space Corporation "Energia" Vitaly Lopota.

According to him, the probability of collision, though small, but still exists. And if that happens, we are waiting for a disaster of global proportions. But then Vitaly Lopota all reassured threat is possible to resist - just change the trajectory of the asteroid.

Scientists have a solution: a thermonuclear charge and rocket payload of 70 tons. Already in 2020, the experts calculated to launch into space research station, which will track the movement of the heavenly bodies.

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The scandal surrounding the

The booklet with lots of pictures, designed to introduce the rules of conduct of guest workers in the cultural capital, the guests themselves are depicted - in the form of inventory. Broom, brush, roller or spatula to help people get started in the city - the guide, doctors, civil servants and police.

Potential reader to make it clearer, all presented in a comic book. In this form, Manuals illuminates the problems of crossing the border, a job, and the risk of HIV infection. It is noteworthy that the handbook issued with the support of the government program "Tolerance".

Human rights activists have already said they are "funny pictures" an insult to the people who come to work in Russia from the former Soviet Union. But the authors of manuals, in turn, argue that consulting with the migrants themselves, showing them the draft brochure, and it did not cause a negative reaction.

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Russians are waiting for a complete ban on smoking in public places

First, the final stop smoking in educational, governmental and cultural institutions, and then in public transport, including railway stations and airports. Cigarette smoke disappears in the workplace, the playground and in the markets. Tobacco advertising ban plan completely.

Stalls selling cigarettes also will go into the past to sell packs will be in stationary stores. And the main thing - and, according to the developers, the most effective measure - is raising excise taxes, which would increase the cost of tobacco and make it simply unaffordable for many. The Health Ministry offers that "antitbachny law" will make Russians are healthier and will replenish the budget. Word now for MPs - it is assumed that they will consider the bill before the end of the year.

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Code Online

Ambiguous statements of civil servants in social networks are increasingly popular cause resentment. And even provoke an international scandal. Special Code of Ethics is intended to define the line.

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Sign language can be a state in Russia

Deaf Society is seeking their rights, and a bill introduced in the State Duma. Indeed, people without a hearing must be heard and in the hospital and in the office of the official, only to have said that his hands have to learn well.

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Bill of three thousand rubles

Yekaterinburg offers a "central bank" to develop a new banknote denominations of three thousand rubles.

It should be depicted Urals city attractions. MPs together with the designers decided that it will add Yekaterinburg popularity, and Russians - convenience in daily life.

Five thousand - too large denomination, and the authorities are planning to produce more - ten thousandth money. Much more convenient - hundred-dollar equivalent. And the salary is adequate and the change in the stores will soon.

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There was another monument to Stepan Bandera in western Ukraine

In district Skole - in western Ukraine for the monument to Stepan Bandera took a better place. The house of culture. Modest ceremony, but the big words. "His life should be an example for all Ukrainians" - is heard at the base of three-meter monument. With the approval of the veterans in the form of the UPA and the small population.

Since gaining independent Ukraine - Ukraine has opened four dozen such monuments.

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