Russian schoolgirl accuses five Italians in a gang rape

The story itself took place in a small town Vitebro where she arrived for training students on an exchange program, and became the heroine of a scandal.

Now the whole town turned against it - the locals do not believe that their countrymen could do such. And the blame for what happened visitors.

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The CEC has developed a model law on the procedure for review of governors

The CEC has developed and sent to the regions on the order of a model law review governors. Start impeachment proceedings, according to the project, will the initiative groups of citizens - at least 20 people eligible to vote in the particular region.

Initiative on the recall can be launched no earlier than one year after the governor's office. Furthermore, the model describes the detailed mechanism of the law - the collection and submission of signatures, the appointment of a vote. The document also regulates the election campaign process reviews. Free airtime on regional television will be distributed on an equal basis between the initiative group and revoke leader.

CEC project is a universal method for the local members of parliament, they have to accept their laws no later than 31 December.

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Atheists need to legally protect their feelings

Those to whom God's help, are going to require the deputy defense. Why Russian initiative group of atheists gathered to pay homage to the Duma. There, according to them, are obliged to take up a document that would protect the feelings of unbelievers. It is a symmetrical response to the recently introduced legislation that tightened for insulting religious people, explains Jaroslav Nilov. The head of the parliamentary committee, which, if that is the case it comes to that, and appear to be security for atheists to read.

Internet is literally riddled with different bright suggestions. As far as they are, in a deputy's definition, sanity - have yet to figure out. Here, for example, the user, hidden behind the name "Observer" puts his version draft, to the delight of atheists. The program includes a ban baptized in the street, not to allow children under 18 to the temples.

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Increase of penalties for drunken driving

According to First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, the authorities intend to stand for a complete ban on alcohol and driving. For a single drunk driving - deprivation of rights for three years.

For repeated violation - for a longer period. As well as a fine, comparable to the average cost of a car... These proposals will be submitted to the State Duma in the near future.

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Mammoth carcass found

Krasnoyarsk scientists said about a scientific sensation. On the Taimyr Peninsula found the remains of a mammoth, as they say, "in perfect condition". Thank permafrost! In addition, some body parts giant can change perceptions of the external appearance of ancient animals.

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6 billion for a new bridge

Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with the Acting Governor of the Novgorod Region Sergey Mitin. It was about the road construction. The President noted that in some regions it unfolds very active. And to Novgorod to keep up, pledged $ 6 billion for the construction of a new bridge over the Volkhov.

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Nicholas Baskov is jobless

Baskov fired from Mari State Opera and Ballet Salaeva. It is located in Yoshkar-Ola. That is where "The Golden Voice of Russia" was listed as an employee under the contract. In the theater said the reasons for breaking the contract accumulated a lot.

However, the loss is not critical, they say in the theater. For the past few seasons - sold out and no Baskov. The singer and his representatives so far declined to comment.

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Climate change over the next 40 years will affect the appearance of fish

They will be less. By 2050, a quarter already! At elevated temperatures, the majority of marine life faster metabolism. But oxygen - that he needs to grow - in warm water is much lower than in the cold. And as a result, the fish will be, rather, the fishermen, especially in tropical waters.

At the same time, in Canada, on the site of glaciers may appear groves and oak. Bylot Island in the Arctic found the remains of trees that 3 million years ago, were part of a prehistoric landscape. If warmer on average by 5 degrees, spruce, pine and oak trees are fully capable to capture the old habitat - according to climatologists.

To protect themselves from global warming, Scottish Astrophysics offer ... blow the asteroid. Dust, which becomes a celestial body must cover the planet from solar radiation. However, there is a problem ... So far, no one figured out how to pull the Earth asteroid size.

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Kaliningrad residents found 65 thousand rubles in a library book

Conscientious reader will immediately contact the administrator. It turned out that the money is in the "History of Serbia and Montenegro" has left one of the readers. He had completely forgotten about himself wrote hiding, and quietly handed the book to the library.

Call the name of the reader who returned the money, the library refused. No remuneration he receives, believes that it would do any normal person.

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Rights of embryos

In St. Petersburg, did not support the submission to the deputy Milonov amendment to the Constitution of Russia. Notorious politician, openly opposes same-sex relationships and abortion, proposed to legalize the right to life is not a person's birth, and the first stroke of his heart.

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