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Now the main political news - in Russia is the important changes relating to elections. Today, the President endorsed the proposal to introduce regions of the country a single day of voting in September, instead of two, as now, in March and December. And innovation will also appear in the gubernatorial elections, which will return to political life soon.

Governors are not to appoint and elect by direct vote. The law made by the President, the Duma will soon. But among the candidates may be random people. In the regions, there were suggestions on how to avoid it. Several chapters of the Federation, mayors and municipal assembly members shared their ideas with Dmitry Medvedev. Many of the guests of the President remembers how gubernatorial elections were held in the 90's.

"It's no secret that it is often in the regions in the gubernatorial seats were torn and crooks, and gangsters and extremists, and, of course, it is our concern today," - said the head of the administration of the city of Samara, Dmitry Azarov.

"If a candidate for governor on the stage of registration had the opportunity or obligation to enlist the support of the deputies, not only of regional deputies, but deputies of cities, districts, towns. 5-10% of the votes of those signatures in support of it would already be a certain condition for the his registration as a candidate "- says Dmitry Azarov.

According to the President, there is a danger that people will come "completely unprepared", "just crooks" or "crazy town" and the "village idiots". "In the long run by the voters to judge who is worthy, who are not worthy, we must not impose any excessive barriers. In this sense, I do not like the term" filter ", frankly, because we do not have to filter, let the people choose their Governor ", - said Dmitry Medvedev.

Those wishing to participate in the election for governor urged to enlist the support of members of municipal assemblies, most likely in the form of signatures, and, his signature city MP will be able to give only one of the contenders.

"If it does offer such a procedure, we do not have to turn it into a business, because we have people all the clever and cunning. Hence, given a guarantee for the" United Russia "- all in advance. For the Communists - please. For the Liberal Democrats - please feel free. But only once. Otherwise it will be a trade ", - said the President.

How many will have to collect signatures, just not yet known. But in any case, this order will bring the policy to the real problems of people and enhance the role of local authorities. All members of municipal assemblies elected by direct popular vote, rather than appointed from above, and serious policy will not be difficult to get their signatures.

"This idea will make political parties more to develop their local and primary Party offices. It's no secret that the parties have different and there are parties that have a coherent structure at the federal, regional and local level, as there are parties who do not have such a structure" - said the deputy chairman of the Central Executive Committee Leonid Ivlev.

In addition, members of municipal assemblies are most often the leaders of industries, doctors and teachers are respected residents of the people.

By the way, similar rules are already well established in France, but in the presidential election. The candidate must submit at least 500 signatures of elected representatives at various levels in their support. This may be the deputies, mayors and members of regional councils.

Another suggestion - regional elections at all levels to carry out the same day - the second Sunday in September. If the governor to take office in September, you can catch the beginning of the discussion of the regional budget. If you later have to work with the budget adopted without your participation. Now in the regions vote twice a year - in March and December.

"He came in December, and all too late - the budget passed, the fiscal year already underway, the school year goes, is the heating season. For nothing has changed, no additional payments will not spend. That is all, you just connected. And the whole year, people say, 'Listen, here you have chosen, and nothing has changed. "What's the point when the power to change this?" - Asks the governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov.

"We have yet to hold elections this September. How would then one point of view" - said the mayor of the municipality "Severodvinsk" Arkhangelsk Oblast, Mikhail Gmyrin.

"September is the month of good in every respect" - I agree the mayor Vasil Shayhraziev Naberezhnye Chelny.

"About September I have no particular objection does not. A good month in September, still warm enough. Mood of people is good, even as it wants to go to the polls. On the other hand, the crop harvested, the money yet, so to speak, the final may not be distributed but, in any case, there is still opportunity to work out the implementation of budget decisions. Why not? Let us formulate "- The President agreed.

How to believe in the regions, a single day of voting in September, will not only save taxpayers money, but also enhance the selective activity of citizens. Instead of two times per year, enough to come to the polling station to vote once and once for all.

To make suggestions about which said today, were taken into account, the draft law on elections of governors and other documents necessary to issue them in the form of amendments and submit to the State Duma.

Published: 06.04.2012 19:54:06 in the category News
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