Viktor Bout was sentenced to 25 years

In America, it was referred to as the "Lord of War", but Russia says: Bout to blame - blame politics.

Russian Viktor Bout has to sit in jail until a ripe old age. That was the decision of a federal court in New York. In this 25-year time limit and was the least possible punishment for the crimes of which he was charged. Support for terrorism, conspiracy to murder U.S. nationals, the acquisition and sale of weapons - a charge that the jury agreed, Victor Bout deserved a life sentence - prosecutors insisted. Businessman's wife Alla Bout, it seems, was ready for such an outcome the meeting and thanked the judge who rendered the verdict is so soft as I could.

Lord of War and the Merchant of Death - the so-called Bout in the American press. A businessman with Russian citizenship - was there a truly mythological character. He was called a Russian intelligence agent, was accused of aiding terrorists - up to Bin Laden. But prosecutors insisted to the last - the criminal case, he was plotting to kill Americans. It's a lie - these words interrupted the final speech of the defendant of the American prosecutor.

Viktor Bout: 'I am grateful to America that there are people with an honest conscience - my lawyers and other people who treated me with respect. I am grateful to counsel Dayan, who proved my innocence. And you will answer before God, not me. For me, answer time, homeland, fellow citizens. "

The judicial saga of Victor Bout began in Thailand. During the raid staged by agents of the American administration to fight against drugs. Under the guise of representatives of the Colombian group, which in the United States considers a terrorist - they offer Mobutu a deal to sell weapons. So says the prosecution. According to the defense - it was a transport aircraft. During a meeting with the fake revolutionaries boot detained. After two years he spent in the dungeons of Bangkok on 30 pounds thinner businessman extradited overseas.

Where and reversed the trial, "United States v. Booth." The guilty verdict of a jury unanimously carried.

Albert Dayan, attorney Victor Bout, "The jury was biased, after they heard the terrible words of the murders of Americans. Victor Bout was caught on these statements, when he tried to sell the aircraft. And at the conclusion of the transaction, the operatives themselves have provoked this conversation, they knew what effect will these words to the jury. "

The judge recognized - negotiations on arms Colombian mafia had taken place. And here is the proof of the links Russians to Al-Qaeda and the drug lords - it felt very flimsy ...

Shira Sheindlin also reported that took into account the request of the Russian Foreign Ministry, as well as a letter 18 year old daughter of rubble - which asked the judge to restore hope for the future of his family.

Albert Dayan, attorney Victor Bout, "We intend to appeal the verdict. He received the minimum term of 25 years, although the judge could give him a life sentence. And he was grateful to her for a thorough review of the circumstances of this investigation. "

The lawyers are going to not only appeal the verdict, but also require that Viktor Bout extradited to Russia, although they recognize - the U.S. government does not give prisoners. It also advocates estimate - in the worst circumstances - he still does not have to spend behind bars a quarter century. For good behavior and taking into account the term, which bottles had already served - he could be set free after 17 years.

Published: 06.04.2012 23:04:08 in the category News


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