Allocate housing for graduate of the children's home

The apartment she, of course, required by law, and besides, she already has a son at the most.

In six months they changed a few shelters and almost got used to the minimum facilities. 19 years of wanderings and her seven-month Christine's son Artyom started after an orphan expelled from a vocational school and evicted from the hostel.

Graduate from the girl could not - in the second year she met a man who fell in love and got pregnant. Once born Artem semyakakoe-time rent, but the choice of Christina, also a graduate of the orphanage, lost his job, and they were left without means of livelihood. Such a forced "nomadic" lifestyle hardest hit by the little Artem.

Volunteered to help homeless mothers member nonprofit organization that is engaged in employment of those who are in an extreme situation. Kristina and Artem first time will have to live in a private house, in a room with my roommates.

A large bright room immediately liked the wanderers, and neighbors immediately offered to help the young mother.
Lawyers for-profit organization appealed to the officials. It was found that the law graduate of the orphanage house and a young mother, the city authorities had to provide at once and out of turn. In the fund at the regional Ministry of Construction say that the delay time. But in order to speed up the process of getting an apartment, Christina is better to go to court.

While Christine and Tom render habitable a new temporary shelter, their turn to receive housing in Yekaterinburg and waiting area has more than 2000 graduates of orphanages. Reverse this situation, the officials said, will not until 2014, when the apartment will wait for their new tenants, and not vice versa.

Published: 07.04.2012 05:41:41 in the category News


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