Pension reform was postponed for a year

The bottom line is this: The employer deducts for us on the pension fund 22% of the salary. The lion's share - 16% goes to the Pension Fund of Russia. From this old people pay now. This is a mandatory part. 6% - funded part. We manage it on your own - you can leave the running of the state, most of them do, and gets a "chain letters". Can be transferred to private pension funds, they won promises of up to 40% per annum. The government has decided - just three-quarters of the citizens, "undecideds", do not use their 6%, it is necessary to divide the rate of 4% over all the same pension funds in Russia, and in the accumulation of leave only 2%. What is 2% - even a penny. This solution is in fact a cross out all that for which 10 years ago began to reform. After all, the main goal was - to teach the Russians to take care of old age in advance, as in developed countries in order to receive in retirement is actually a double pension. And 19 million people have responded to the reform, began to develop the funded part, made additional contributions. And it is, as a rule - the middle class. President revised the government - no prinudilovki wants citizen himself stash - even saves, does not want to - the rate would go to the state.

Published: 25.11.2012 19:21:53 in the category News


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