"Via-Gra" will no longer be

The 12-year project was financially successful, do not hide the producers. One problem: the freedom and openness on the scene becomes more and more young followers breathed back. And to keep the set "VIA Groy" rate is not always a virtue, even this author, as Konstantin Meladze. Because in the last clip of any passion, nor awed. Frankness unless stayed, but not the same.

Meladze itself, however, believes: by then everything will be in each of the soloists alone. He will now solo career Albina Dzhanabaeva - pearl of the last and the wife of his brother singing in combination. And fans insist to generations of "VIA Gra" will raise more spirit. Group a few years ago is already falling apart. And sharply higher receipts for participation in corporate parties again forced the group to sing.

Published: 30.11.2012 05:15:52 in the category News


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