Pinocchio effect

Spanish scientists from the University of Granada have confirmed experimentally the existence of the effect of Pinocchio.

When a person lies, his nose is really amazing things happen. Experimenters found interesting patterns. It turns out that if we speak the truth, the temperature is changing. Externally, it is almost imperceptible, but thermograph stated outright - nose liar literally on fire!

By the way, so does the body react to any attempt to hide the owner or somehow distort their feelings and emotions. In contrast, when subjects were not trying to deceive anyone, and were focused on solving complex problems, nose they grew cold.

The results of these studies can be successfully applied in practice. For example, as additional features when passing a lie detector test. But the scope of another discovery is still open. The same team of researchers from Granada established for certain - the temperature in the buttocks flamenco dancers performing somehow reduced.

Published: 11.12.2012 08:13:02 in the category News


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