Penalties for exceeding the average speed on the track

In the State Duma Committee on Transport, a new initiative is ambiguous. In order to strengthen the control over the situation on the roads, deputies propose to introduce penalties for exceeding the average speed on the track.

A simple example. The journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow, if you go by the rules, takes about 8 hours. On the outskirts of the northern capital car captures video camera at the entrance to the destination - as well. Immediately calculate the time, and if it is less than the calculated value, then somewhere along the way the driver just exceeded.

A similar system is in place in Europe. And in some countries, a fine up to several hundred euros. However, there are innovations and weaknesses. Suppose the driver stood in traffic, and then decided to catch up, in clear violation. Journey will meet with safety standards. In addition, the equipment of the Russian roads video camera leaves much to be desired.

Published: 13.12.2012 15:54:11 in the category News


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