Russia is recognized as one of the most militarized countries

British International Council conversion annual rankings by which our country is in the weapons Second only to Israel, Singapore and Syria. These states have taken the first through third places respectively.

But according to experts around the world, a global index of militarization - not exactly an objective measure. The fact is that when it is taken into account calculating the ratio of military spending to the level of the country's GDP. So it happened that the U.S. is only 30 place ranking, while the level of military power is growing, and the budget for the defense industry - is still the largest in the world. It's the same with China, ranking it only 82, whose army budget is second only to the U.S.. Another indicator that takes into account - the number of reservists. In Russia, a formal military strength is really great, but they include the draftees, long since retired, "conscripts", university students from the military department, as well as those partially fit for military service. But the least militarized countries are Madagascar, Niger, Jamaica, Ghana and Mauritius.

Published: 18.12.2012 05:41:17 in the category News


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