Childish books

On September 1, labeled TV and radio programs. But the books are still not covered in full. Officials have thought, it seems everything and character size, and its location on the cover. True, what book to recommend what age - here publishers will smash his head.

Most publishers of harm's way, have already started to mark their books. Turn up as the minimum age, because unlike television programming, fiction excites the imagination, and then there will come up with the reader - is known only to himself. But if you follow the letter of the law, in Dostoevsky's novel "Crime and Punishment" is quite possible to deduct the calls for violence, and in Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita", even erotic scenes.

When adults begin to browse literature for children, they try to always read carefully between the lines. For a colorful cover may hide instruction alcohol, sex education lessons or even taboo vocabulary. This time, the volunteers' Ural parent committee "did not find anything suspicious. But to be indifferent, do not allow moral principles.

Published: 22.12.2012 23:24:08 in the category News


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