Concierge services

This is a company that specialize in the performance of any whims money VIP clients. So, the demand in the past year has increased by at least twenty percent.

Moreover, representatives of compatriots continue to surprise the market the most extravagant requests. For example, one businessman asked to urgently find penguins living in Monaco.

Bibliophile who asked not ordered the complete works of Alfred Brehm, "Animal Life" - certainly 1893 edition! To pick up one hour gift worth half a million dollars - were those wishes. But someone decided to congratulate the girl wrote her name in the sky lights of fireworks.

However, experts concierge services note that such orders romantic these days are becoming a rarity. Most of the customers are interested in just buying antiques and banal luxury tours in Courchevel. Very expensive and "so soon!".

Published: 27.12.2012 21:17:45 in the category News


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