Russian celebrities rushed to patent their own names

Russian celebrities rushed to patent their own names. Singers, politicians, athletes and circus performers - insure yourself and your finances. First of all, a business. Timothy, for example, nominal range of shops. Zhirinovsky - vodka and mayonnaise. They are very profitable for someone else profited from the star glory.

It's quite another - a matter of honor! How to respond to viewer cheated? Bring double bad show, and then prove that it was an imposter, but you yourself - just real.

Artist can you not be, but the profit must consider... Making money is not the talent and hard work, and, in the truest sense, his own name followed by Western and Russian colleagues rushed to the star. In all, only to the patent office in the past year has risen nearly three dozen players, boxers, TV stars, and of course the singers.

Published: 30.12.2012 08:25:26 in the category News


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