Anti-smoking law

Vladimir Putin has signed yet and anti-smoking law. Smokers have a few months to get used to the new rules. Reduce smoking area will be gradual. This summer will not be able to appear on cigarette station, the airport and the bus stop.

Naturally smoking ban extended to educational and medical institutions, as well as playgrounds. Banish smokers from kultutnyh and government agencies. Separate item in the law prescribed a total ban on smoking in the doorways of houses and office buildings employer will have to equip special "smoking room." The same room will organize and on cruise liners.

A year later, the rules will tighten even more. Smokers will be closed on the way to the restaurants, cafes and hotels. You can not smoke in the vestibule train. In addition to get a cigarette is not even allowed on the platforms of suburban stations. This measure is much tougher than in any European country. Moreover, with the 2014-year imposed a total ban on tobacco advertising, and sellers will have to remove cigarette packs with windows. Leaving only inconspicuous price tags. Then the packages should appear frightening picture. Speaking of penalties for violation of the new anti-smoking law, they are still in the development stage. In the near future the State Duma deputies will make amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences. The fine for smoking in prohibited areas will be about three thousand.

Published: 25.02.2013 19:21:18 in the category News


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