Tariff chaos

This winter has to enter the municipal history of Russia. Millions of people across the country felt betrayed. Pervouralsk pensioner Lyudmila Schekotova also received a receipt with the new calculation. Grandma knew that the figures in the Kvitka - more than her pension. Apparently, the heart gave out.

It would seem that the most vulnerable, so weak - retirees - surrounded by offices paying utilities, stormed the regional administration. It was a fight for survival. After paying the bills, retired single people, at best, would have remained only on bread and water.

Ideas of public utilities, would have envied the smooth. They tried to charge for snow in summer, high ceilings and very cold winter - as kvarplata 13th in St. Petersburg. But perhaps the most mysterious string three letters of receipt - SGL - obschedomovyh needs. This is when all the expenses management company divides equally - between tenants.

And the tenants pay. And for new pipes, and for emergency work and for this water, which spilled onto the street. Good repair, again there is no need - not by his own buried. To Kamchatka echoes public outrage has come just now. Residents spend a tour of the parade by asking asking the same question - for what we pay. Of course, the prosecution will understand and, as in many regions, the appetites of public utilities will be less. But it is unlikely until there is a fundamental solution to the communal problem. After all, even posts in the government of the country in the housing sector is still not considered the best for karbernogo growth.

Published: 28.02.2013 20:18:06 in the category News


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