Scientists propose to equate caffeine to alcohol

At the University of Reykjavik found that caffeine did more harm than good. Given that the matter relates to alkaloids - the application is not sensational. However, the researchers are so scared consumption levels that regulate the sale offer caffeinated products - similar to alcohol and cigarettes.

This, according to the authors initiative is already a mass dependence. After all, manufacturers began to add caffeine in literally everything. He is in regular soda, energy, aromatic milk, cookies, and even soap and slimming tights. In this case, the abuse of caffeine, especially at a young age, can lead to irreversible consequences. Proponents of restrictive measures even make a few cases of mental disorders, which resulted in the death of young people.

It is interesting that the positive effects, such as increased efficiency, increase resistance to stress and stimulation of sexual function, the researchers chose not to remind. But this not only remember people who have read the article on the Internet.

Published: 09.03.2013 23:24:31 in the category News


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