The deputies took up huge amounts in receipts

The situation is out of control - the State Duma had to intervene. Passing the complaints of the citizens to be, - payments to obschedomovye needs in the regions were unreasonably high - in the parliament concluded that communal life steal. And management companies - writing off its losses to a new term in the bill, and tenants themselves - from each other.

MPs propose to the government until it is too late to correct the error. Setting a limit above which the amount of obschedomovye needs will not be raised. Because of flaws in the decision now tenants, in fact, have become hostages of municipal reform.

Today, tenants pay for everything. For debtors who live in the house, but not registered, but uses water and heat. For owners of shops and beauty salons, working in conventional homes, but do not want to answer the ruble for public benefit. This is possible if the room is not translated in uninhabited fund. In St. Petersburg, began checking addresses controversial.

Published: 16.03.2013 05:39:02 in the category News


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